NiuNiu Daddy Giant Teddy Bear!

Okay, roll your eyes at me …… let’s just get it over with now. But I have my very first Christmas Pick for 2016.

Now before you wig out on me, did you know that Christmas is only 102 Days Away?! Do you realize that if you get paid every 2 weeks that’s only 8 weeks. Scared ya huh??? Time to start buyin’ and hidin’ folks!

So, as I was saying…… this is my first Christmas Pick for 2016!


I can’t wait to show you MY Niuniu Daddy Teddy Bear!!


This Teddy Bear is HUGE!! More cuddly, softer and cuter than any other Teddy Bear out there!! 39.5″ tall The Niuniu Daddy Teddy Bear is absolutely the greatest Teddy Bear I’ve ever owned. Yes, ME! I did originally intend to put this back as a Christmas gift for one of my Granddaughters. But first, where to hide him? And then most importantly as soon as I unwrapped this giant, soft teddy bear my heart melted. No way this guy is ever leaving my house!!

image These colors are very true to life.

I’m not completely cold-hearted; the Grandkids can play with and cuddle him while they are here. I will even allow them to name him! He just isn’t leaving my house. EVER!

He sits up easily on the toy boxes outside my craft room and he makes me smile each time I pass by. Seriously! The face on this guy is adorable. You’d swear he is smiling right back at me.

The bear is a golden-yellow with brown button eyes that are very securely attached. I pulled very hard to be certain. Black velvet nose with stitched on mouth on a velvet background. The Teddy Bear is very hug-able filled with quality cotton.

You really can position him anywhere you want. On the bed or sitting on a chair. This big guy would be an adorable gift for anyone.  Even NaNa’s!

This is what I see when I am working at my computer. How can you not smile at this face?!!?



Ummm hello? Did you see the face?? All cuddly and soft! How or what would I whine about?? This giant cuddly teddy bear is perfect!!



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