4 Best Idaho Colleges Chosen by Students in 2019

To most of us, Idaho is known for its stunning landscapes with mountains, rich wildlife, and fun outdoor adventures. This state astonishes with its beauty and has lots to offer to both locals and tourists. However, if you think about education, Idaho would probably be among the last states in the US to pop up in your mind.

While this state may not be known as a popular student spot, it still offers lots of high-quality educational opportunities. So, if you are based in Idaho or thinking of relocating there for college, be sure that you will find quite many options there and, in this article, we are going to tell you about the best!

What to keep in mind when making a choice? The criteria depend on the applicant’s needs. Some students look at the facility’s staff and their qualifications. Others are most concerned about tuition costs. The choice usually depends on available programs, the complexity of curricula, and the studying process in general.

It is hard to say which criteria you should be looking at the most, as this is pretty individual. One thing we would advise is not to focus on the difficulty of studies. High-quality education is in demand, while there are plenty of tools and tips to help you cope with the load, such as https://essaypro.com/essay-help.html, tutors, etc. Therefore, don’t make your pick based solely on this point.

Apart from the difficulty and quality of education, you can be looking at any options that appeal to you. Here are some of the best colleges in Idaho.

Idaho State University

Best Overall: Idaho State University

Without exaggeration, Idaho State University is one of the best facilities in the area. It offers applicants a good selection of programs, both on-campus and online. There is also a great community and low tuition fees.

Some of the best options are offered here to students interested in arts, health care, and sciences. There are dozens of programs available for these specializations, so we can say that Idaho State University truly has something for everyone.

Best to Study Online: Brigham Young University

Compared to other options located in this state, Brigham Young University seems to have everything applicants could wish for. There is a good range of programs, so everyone should find exactly what one needs. And the best part is that all programs are online.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this facility is one of the cheapest options available in the state!

Although Idaho can’t be called a state with too costly education, Brigham Young University has managed to make their fees even more affordable.

Most Affordable: Lewis-Clark State College

If you are seeking a college that offers excellent value for small money, then Lewis-Clark State College might be the right option! A year at this facility will cost you about $7,000 if you are an in-state student.

For such a low cost, applicants get a broad choice of programs and a possibility to obtain a virtual degree. It is also known for having nice venues, lots of fun activities, and a decent range of financial aid opportunities.

Best Student Life: Boise State University

According to graduates, Boise State University is a facility with the best student life in Idaho. Not only it offers a good deal of programs at a relatively low tuition fee, but it is also known for having a friendly atmosphere and community.

Also, this college offers a variety of sports and other extracurricular activities for attendees.

Final Words

As tuition costs are going up, more and more students are asking themselves whether they really need to go to a college or not. It is natural to have these doubts.

After all, entering a university is a responsible step that will have a significant impact on your future career and life in general.

Although all students have the same concern, there is still no single answer that would be right for everyone. However, there are a few things to keep in mind making this choice:

  • First of all, studies show that 9 out of 10 new job postings are looking for candidates with a degree. This basically means that young people who have chosen to stop their education right after high school graduation are much less likely to get hired.
  • What’s even more important is that you will miss out on a vast range of opportunities and priceless memories if you decide to skip college! However, to have the best experience possible, you need to choose the right facility.

Which university to apply to? Eventually, the choice of a college gets down solely to the applicant’s personal needs, ambitions, and wishes. However, it is always good to know your options!

Hopefully, this article and our list of top colleges students decide on in Idaho will give you an idea of what facilities to look at. Choose wisely!


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