What To Do When You Have A Problem At Work

We all have our work struggles, and whether it’s a daily thing or something that happens every so often, it’s important to address this issue when it crops up. Here’s what to do when you have a problem at work.

Problem at work

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Know The Cause Of Said Problem

There’s a reason for the problem, and the first thing you want to do is to find out what it is. What is the root cause of the issue? It could be to do with a certain member of staff, the amount of workload you’re receiving, or the type of work you are doing. Before you go to speaking to anyone, it’s good to know exactly what it is that’s causing the problem. It may be a technical issue in regard to certain systems like the lms software that you are finding difficulty with. Everyone struggles, and it’s important to remember that there’s a lesson for everyone to learn.

Speak To Your Manager

When something is wrong, the first person you should turn to is your manager. It’s good to have a great relationship with your manager, and it’s something that both of you should be working on. If you feel confident enough to approach your manager, then organize a time and place to meet, whether that’s in the office or out at a coffee shop, and explain the issue to them. This is something that they are likely not to be aware of, so allow them to process what you’ve told them as they try to unpack the issue and come up with a solution.

Speak To HR

There may be times when you have a problem, but you can’t go to your manager about it. Maybe it’s a personal thing that you’re unsure about. Maybe it’s to do with your manager or perhaps you just don’t have a good enough working relationship with them. Either way, speaking to HR is a good way of getting an opinion on the issue, and they’ll likely speak on your behalf or give you some advice on how to relay this information to your manager. A lot of what you communicate with HR is confidential to an extent so you can be safe in the knowledge that would you discuss stays under wraps unless it’s something that affects the company in a big way.

Keep Record Of Any Issues

If it’s a problem that’s persistent, like a colleague who may be bullying you or too much work being given to you on a daily basis, keep a record of any issues. Use a journal or diary to note all these down, and if there’s any physical evidence in the form of emails or voice notes, then get those too. This will help you in fighting your case, should you need the evidence to back up any claims you’ve made.

A problem at work isn’t nice to have at all, but don’t keep it bottled up. Share it with who you need to and ensure is action is taken where necessary.



  • Rosie

    Good tips, and often people do not keep a written “log” of what is going on, especially at the beginning, as they don’t realize a problem can get way worse, it makes it easier when the problem doesn’t have a witness, or other people who are involved who can corroborate.

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