4 Common Travel Problems and How to Avoid Them!!

Everyone wishes that their trip will turn into the perfect getaway, but in reality, things often go wrong when traveling. How you prepare for these mishaps and how you handle them when they do occur will determine whether or not you can actually enjoy your vacation. The following are five common travel troubles and their solutions.

1. Your Hotel is Over-Booked

Sometimes, hotels book too many rooms, and they end up not being able to accommodate everyone. The best way to make sure you’ll have a room when you arrive at your destination is to secure it with a credit card. Then, confirm your reservation a few days before you leave for your trip. If you know you’ll be arriving later than you originally expected, make sure to let the hotel know. Otherwise, they might consider you a no-show and give away your room. If you arrive and find out that there isn’t a room for you, insist that the hotel find alternative accommodations for you at no extra cost.

2. You Lost Your Money or it Was Stolen

Before leaving for your trip, get enough traveler’s checks to cover your daily expenses. Write down the serial numbers, date and location of the issuing agency, and denominations. Traveler’s checks can usually be replaced within one day from when they go missing. Also, carry one credit card apart from the rest of your cash and checks. Lastly, don’t take every single credit card along with you.

3. Your car rental’s been cancelled.

If your flight is delayed, you may not make it to the car rental agency on time, which means they could give away your reservation. Prevent this by giving the agency your flight information when you put down the deposit, and ask them to check the flight status if you don’t show up on time. Also, keep the office’s number with you, so that if your flight is delayed, you can let the agency know that you’ll still be picking the car up, but that you’ll be there later than expected.

4. You’re sick on vacation.

It’s common to get sick while on vacation. Traveling is taxing and a lot of people are crammed together, which makes it easy to swap germs. If you’re prone to motion sickness, sit in the front seat when traveling and bring anti-nausea medicine with you. Always pack aspirin and a decongestant, too, to get rid of common travel bugs, like the cold or the flu. If you’re going to be traveling overseas, make an appointment with your doctor to get the necessary immunizations. Also, check with your health insurance company to find out how to use your insurance when traveling.

Some people have experienced wild things happening on vacations, from getting sick overseas to having their passport stolen and breaking down on the side of the road in a foreign country. It’s important to remain calm, focused, and flexible when dealing with unexpected occurrences. With the right attitude, you can truly turn a vacation mishap into a great story.



  • Stephen White

    Great Post!!!

    People mostly do not care about all these things and ultimately suffers from lot of travelling problems. If we take care all these important points, then our travelling will be safe and easy.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions!!

  • Katherine

    Great Tips for easy travelling!!!

    It is very important to take care of all these things before travelling to any place. Mostly, the most convenient way is to book a hotel that fulfills your needs and requirements and it should be booked on time.

    Moreover, everyone should care of all these things before going to any trip.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable tips!!


    Some terrific tips for travellers. My parents & sister rented a French farmhouse a ccouple of years ago (I had to work). Dad got extremely ill the first week and was hospitalised. Mum & Helen had to extend their holiday and of course only had schoolbook French. American Express were brilliant and made sure that they had a bilingual rep. who was able to keep them informed and organised alternative travel dates etc. We couldn’t fault them at all.

  • Angelica

    Great tips. I’ve never personally experienced this but I’ve heard more than a handful of stories of American Express cardholders being helped out immensely by the company when they lost their wallet or had another disaster on vacation. Often these stories don’t even involve Amex expecting anything in return, just keeping their customer’s loyal… they paid for someone’s plane ticket and rush passport whatever when they were mugged in London (so I’ve heard, might not be true, of course!)

  • Nancy C

    Thanks for the tips! I had my credit card canceled while I was on vacation b/c I used an ATM in a casino. (Not sure why???) It was a nightmare…. So I would add to the tips- don’t use an ATM in a casino!!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve always thought it would be a nightmare to be on one of those cruises where either everyone gets sick or the ship breaks down like that one where the passengers were stuck in the Gulf of Mexico on that ship a few years ago. Ugh! I guess sometimes the best you can do is keep telling yourself, ‘This too shall pass!’

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