4 Easy Tips To Get Out Of Your Household Rut!

Do you guys ever get into a rut with your living space? I’m in a major one now. My house needs some major cheering up!! It needs a deep down cleaning; which I never seem to have time for. It needs some fresh paint both inside and outside. Everything I want to do takes either a lot of money or a lot of time.

Don’t even get me started on the outside!!  This drought that California is in has turned the outside of our house into a dirt lot; I kid you not!! It’s all dirt. So I can’t even begin to think about idea’s to fix the yard. Anyone out there looking for a challenge?? Feel free to come over and create!!

However, this week I have 4 quick fix tips that I am using to get out of my household rut!

FlowersFlowers. I know, you hear that all the time but flowers really do add an instant freshness and color to a room. Between road-side stands and places like Home Depot it’s an easy and inexpensive fix. My favorite of course is Michael’s Art’s N Crafts; I wait for my coupons to arrive and grab a few bouquets of silk, realistic looking flowers.  Make them look even more realistic with a craft water like Craft Water Floral and Craft Simulated Water Resin Kit. (It’s a re-usable gel that looks like WATER! But it’s more like a glue!) This stuff is AWESOME!! People are constantly letting me know my flowers are almost out of water.

Lighting. Another one I’m sure that you have heard a million times but good lighting, INTERESTING lighting 3Lampwill give the room an instant face-lift! I have two new lamps that are not only interesting to look at; but also have varying degree of light they put out! The first lamp is slim and perfect for a minimalist room it’s the TRÉ LED Floor Lamp with 3 adjustable Heads. This beautiful satin nickel finish floor lamp one is very cool with its three adjustable lights. Each of the lamps pivots so you can send lighting where you want. Focus the light anywhere that I want in the room. I can create the mood I want by aiming warm white color where I want. This lamp comes with the 3 long-lasting LED lights. The lights are supposed to produce light 20 years or more. How is that for money-saving?! This lamp is awesome for behind a sofa or chair because it doesn’t generate any heat; and at only 9-watts, it equals big savings on your electric bill. I love the solid, rounded, HEAVY b1Lampase, This lamp isn’t going anywhere! There is a foot switch for easy off and on.  This 4½ foot lamp assembled super fast.

I have a second lamp; actually my favorite that not only added light, but a touch of simple elegance too.  I love everything about this lamp! From the lighting that it puts off to the fact that there are 3 distinctive lighting options from a beautiful soft romantic glow which is perfect for a relaxing evening to a nice bright light the illuminates my entire livingroom. This Bright Tech SKY – LED Torchiere Floor Lamp has the BEST touch response for the switch!! Seriously the softest touch will dim or brighten the lamp. This is a TALL lamp too standing at 5’9″  This is another LED lamp that stays cool and saves on power consumption.  This lamp couldn’t have been easier to put together.  This lamp is a bright white and seriously brightened up my house. This is another solid lamp weighing in at 13 pounds. I LOVE this lamp!!!

Mirrors. My go to place for inspiration is Pinterest. Seriously, I feel creative when I pin!!  Actually DOING the projects…. well, let’s just say I have more Pinterest FAILS than most people but, I still like to try. I found this unique way to add even more light and update a room in a really unique way. By adding MIRRORS!! A LOT of mirrors! A mirror collage. Next week will be filled with Goodwill and Thrift Store shopping for me. I’m making a mirror collage!! I adore this idea!! Has anyone tired this before? What would you do differently if you created one today?

So, those are my quick, inexpensive fixes. I would LOVE to know what idea’s you have!!! Please share!!


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