The Smiling Photo Quest Continues!

Just in case you are new here; my quest for 2015 is to have a picture of ALL THREE Grandkids smiling and looking at the camera at THE same time!! I want a NICE picture of my three precious babies!! I’m THE NaNa!! I demand it!! (Okay, so that line doesn’t work with them either… but I try!)

Seriously, if THREE professional photographers can’t get all three Grandkids to look at the camera at one time what chance do I have?!?!?

Here are more wedding photo’s I had to share! The Ring Security (Grandson Eli) The Flower Girls (Granddaughter Emma and Alice along with cousins McKenna and Kylie)

My favorite is the last picture. Be sure to enlarge it so you can see Eli’s face! Hysterical!!  What do you suppose he found in that room?

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, my Mom is on the same quest with my brother’s 3 kids! Good luck. There’s always one that just isn’t having it!

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