Suit-Up Little Man!! Black N Bianco Formal Wear For Kids!!

image7I am here to review a 5 piece suit (pants, shirt, vest, tie, and jacket) from Black N Bianco that I got for Eli. (That’s my 5 year old son, in case you’re new here) This is the Boy’s Notch Lapel Black Suit with a Skinny Black Tie. Let me start by saying, every boy needs a suit. I mean really, special occasions, Christmas dinner, photo ops on the beach, and date night!!!

If you have more than one kid, I think it’s important to spend one on one time with each of them. So I decided it was time Eli and I had a date night. An all out date night! Eli in his suit, dressed to the 9’s, me (his mom) in a dress and fancy shoes. Dinner and then a night at Boomers! These are the memories I hope Eli keep when he grows up.

So let’s talk about this Black N Bianco suit for a minute! I was amazed by how many pieces there were to this suit! I mean it was the whole kit and caboodle! High quality too! All of the seams are well stitched, no loose threads and the jacket is nicely lined! It’s like we picked it up from Men’s Warehouse!

  • Polyester
  • Black Blazer with two buttons and a single center vent in the back
  • Fully Lined Black Vest
  • Black Skinny Zipper Tie
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Black Slacks with two small elastic bands on the side.
  • Straight Fit
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean

I ordered the next size up (6t) just so we could keep the suit for longer. But even though the suit is sized a little big it looks great. The sleeves of the shirt and the jacket are a great length, as are the pants. The only thing I was missing in this suit was that I wished it had an adjustable waist on the pants. But I suppose if you’re getting dressed fancy enough to wear a suit, it would probably be okay to splurge on a belt to go with it. 🙂

It held up to a night of running, playing, racing, and having fun in a way that only a 5 year old can do…

image6We now refer to this as his lucky suit since he won the jackpot while wearing it! Look at all of these tickets! 🙂

The suit looked as good at the end of the night as it did at the beginning. Which with my kid, is saying a lot. It also breaths really well. I was expecting to have to take layers off as the night progressed because Eli is very warm blooded and heats up quickly, but that wasn’t necessary. He was comfortable and uninhibited all night. And he also loves his suit. You can tell by the way he wears it with such a big smile.

Here he is all dressed and ready to go. He couldn’t be any cuter if he tried! Omg, right?!!


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Not a single one!! I can’t believe this beautiful suit was only $29.99! I’m still kind of in shock over how affordable everything is at Black N Bianco!! Children’s formal wear I can afford!! Especially when the quality is so good! It makes me think we’ll be buying a new one every year he out grows his suit! And date night will definitely become our new family tradition. We definitely recommend Black N Bianco, I will definitely be getting another one of these in the future!


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