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What could be better than my new 7″ Flickering Flameless Candle?  By adding a second Comenzar Flickering Flamess Candle to stand next to it. This one is exactly the same as the 7″ except the height. This candle is 5″ tall with the same excellent benefits as the 7″!!!  Real wax candles but with no flame! No real flame that is. Battery operated and so realistic looking!!

Another awesome perk is the fact that the same remote that I use with my 7″ candle works with this candle. I only have to use ONE remote for both!! Sweet!! So when I add the third candle (you should always décorate in threes right??) they will all work with one remote.

The remote has 10 keys, I can choose to let my LED candle ‘burn’ for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.  There is also an option for static flickering light option as well as brightness levels.

Another awesome perk is the fact that the timer cycles every 24 hours.  This candle requires 3 AAA  batteries. The remote comes with the battery installed, so that’s a nice perk. 

I love these candles!! I don’t have to worry about the Grandkids or the dog around the candles.  These candles make sure that I never have to worry about fire-related accidents again!

Candle3This candle is made with REAL wax so it feels exactly like a real candle!! I promise no one will know this isn’t a real candle unless they get up close. The little wick moves exactly like a flame.

Both of these candles are a beautiful off white color and has a realistic melted top.

Soft candle light and absolutely no hassle or danger that real candles could have. Absolutely no mess; no dripping wax, no smoke, no matches.

The candles come very well packaged, there is a fitted foam holder in the box making sure the candle doesn’t get damaged in any way. The candles are also wrapped in a plastic sleeve. EXCELLENT packaging!


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Not a single one! NOT A SINGLE ONE!!  Both of these candles are high quality, realistic looking, NO MESS candles!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, I guess we have become really lazy. Even our candles have remotes. Seriously, I like the idea of a real wax candle that is flameless!


    A real wax candle that won’t set the place on fire? Always good news when there’s a pet or child about. But a remote? Really? Have we become that lazy?

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I love candles! I love the smell of them, the feel, etc., but I don’t always like burning them in my small home because of the black residual they leave behind, etc. I love this flameless candle and will definitely be looking into these. I especially like these, as opposed to other flameless ones I’ve seen, because these are made of real wax! Thank you so much for sharing this review! 🙂

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