Flameless Candle With Remote! #ComenzarBatteryOperatedCandlesFlamelessCandleswith

Y’all know how much I love candles. Not only are they are perfect for romance, a nice dinner with your sweetheart, some quiet time or heavenly to soak in a tub! AND ya know that everyone looks great by candlelight! I could live by candlelight!! Ya know I’d save money on cosmetics, creams, serums!

However! With all the romantic glow comes a danger! Did you know that one-third of all house fires start with candles? Amazing! Check this out! Romantic candle light from real wax candles but with no flame! No real flame that is.
Comenzar Flickering Flamess Candles

This candle is made with REAL wax so it feels exactly like a real candle!! I promise no one will know this isn’t a real candle unless they get up close. The little wick moves exactly like a flame.

Candle1The candle is a beautiful off white color and has a realistic melted top. Seriously, from the second I opened the box I was impressed. Reaching in and finding this candle was made with REAL WAX!! What?! Seriously! Real WAX!! I couldn’t wait to see this lit up!

Soft candle light and absolutely no hassle or danger that real candles can possess. Absolutely no mess; no dripping wax, no smoke, no matches.

What’s even better is the fact that I can LIGHT my candle from across the room with the enclosed remote. While the candle doesn’t come with batteries the remote does which was a nice perk.

The remote allows you to turn it on and off, set a timer at one of four different time intervals and adjust the level of light.


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Not a single one! NOT A SINGLE ONE!! This is a high quality, made with real wax candle. No mess only soft beautiful candle light.



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