BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp Review

If you have spent any time here on Peanut Butter and Whine you know that I write a LOT. I write every single day. I am on my computer constantly. Having a place to work with the right kind of lighting is not just important to me, it’s essential!! When I was approached by the folks at BenQ to review their new BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp well, truthfully my first reaction was no thank you I have a desk lamp. Thank HEAVENS I came to my senses!! I had no idea that a desk lamp could be so different from what I was using.
First, this is the most unique looking lamp! Not just in the look, which of course is the topper.

Next reason this is so unique is the way the lamp emits light.

The BenQ lamp gives me the perfect working illumination. The BenQ e-Reading Lamp’s Smile Curve Technology gives me 150% more light distribution compared to conventional reading lamps.

The BenQ lights up every area of space. The light is brighter at the edges so the light doesn’t have any areas that are too bright or too dim.

Turning on the lamp is as easy as touching the chrome ring at the end of the lamp itself. The most gentle of taps turns this light on.


Touching the chrome ring for 2 seconds allows you to enter an auto mode. (SMART lamp!!) A light sensor reads the ambient light and adjusts the LED automatically. HOW smart is that?!  Now while you are in auto mode you won’t be able to change the temperature from warm to white, but the lighting will be ideal for your task at hand. For me, it’s computer work.

My favorite feature of this lamp is the ability to go from warm to cool lighting. Times I want a soft almost romantic glow to the room this lamp is amazing! It isn’t too yellow. The white light isn’t too blue. Both ranges are easy on the eyes! The BenQ light is extremely easy to set; simply twist the silver knob. It’s super easy to change the light from warm to cool.

I can set the lighting that is absolutely perfect for me. I am noticing a lot less eye strain.

Don’t worry if blue isn’t your color this lamp comes in plenty of other colors!

Now, I have to address the price. This isn’t a Walmart lamp. This is a piece of furniture at just under $250. Is it worth it? YES! My contact lenses don’t dry out, making my eyes water and ache after writing for hours. This is a solid, last for years quality lamp; weighing slightly over 10 pounds! The base of the lamp is 9″ around and keeps this lamp from moving or tipping. The BenQ articulating arm is totally adjustable from 17″ to a whopping 30 INCHES fully extended without toppling over!! Another great feature is the 7 foot power cord. The look is just over all very modern and sleek.


No. This is a solidly built, easy on the eyes; both to look at and to work around. Yes, it’s on the pricey side, but it’s worth every single penny! Proving to me that BenQ really is an innovator in electronics and engineering.



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