Mini Washer dryer play set

Mini Playset; Washer & Dryer! Review

Y’all remember that for Christmas the family built five-year-old Alice a Barbie doll house. Okay by we, I mean my son built it, The Momma decorated it and I mostly hid it at my house so Alice would be surprised on Christmas Day. But, hey it was a family project!

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review this super cute little mini toy laundry room set. This set fits inside perfectly!!
IMG_9792The set includes a washer and dryer that have doors that actually open and the inside even resembles the inside of a washer and dryer. Each will even hold a couple of articles of doll clothing.

There are buttons on each that when pressed make sounds like water filling the machine, rinse cycle and dryer. Each cycle sound lasts about 10 seconds. Super cute!

There is a sink above the washer. A counter space over the dryer and ironing board area.

Shelves above the machines hold a host of cleaning supplies like detergent, window cleaner, bleach, fabric softener all the way down to hand soap.

There are also cupboards that open and close. There is also an ironing board that you can prop up with its own stand. The small iron is absolutely adorable! It looks like a real iron, although, it should be smaller because the iron is out of proportion with the play set, although still cute.

There are small cardboard cut-outs of clothing. I tried to convince the five-year-old to hang Barbie’s clothing over but, that wasn’t an option she liked so those came down immediately. I do wish there had been little plastic Barbie hangers there instead. There is also a small basket that is being used as a shopping basket but could easily work as a laundry basket.


Nope! I think this is an adorable little set. It fits the doll house like we designed the house for this laundry room. Alice is having a blast with this Mini Laundry Room Barbie set.



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