Kourtney Kardashian’s Four Year Old Daughter Has A Lip Ring!?!?

Who better to drum up controversy than a Kardashian? This time it’s Kourtney in the spotlight, and she is catching a lot of heat for letting her four year old daughter Penelope wear what looks to be a lip ring. Kourtney posted a photo of herself and four year old “P” laying in bed in their bathrobes on Oscar Sunday. The caption reads “Our Oscar Sunday. Yes, that’s a lip ring. Thanks @kimkardashian.”

 Of course, the likelihood that Kourtney actually let her four year old daughter get a real lip ring seems pretty low. Kourt has always seemed like a pretty great, hands on mom, and she has three kids now. We don’t see her making any kind of crazy, rash decision like getting a lip ring for P, even if auntie Kim Kardashian West had anything to do with it.
While we are about 99 percent sure that the lip ring is a fake, that didn’t stop social media from going crazy over the photo, weighing in with their opinions, and of course, bashing any parenting decision that is different from their own. We are pretty sure that Kourtney would never allow a real lip ring, especially for a four year old, even though Penelope must have been influenced by her famous auntie, who has been photographed with a lip ring of her own recently. 


  • Kate Sarsfield

    It’s blatant exploitation, that’s what it is. There’s better ways to get publicity than exploiting your children.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Even if it is fake she’s blatantly exploiting her children to get publicity. Like my Dad always said, you need a special licence to own a dog but any idiot can have a child.

  • Sue E

    They are NOT role models for my kids!! It’s scary how some people got famous by who they know! Not what they know!! They haven’t contributed one positive thing for our youth! My family is not allowed to watch this negative soap opera in my home!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Yep, they know how to stir the pot, don’t they? No way did the kid get a real lip ring. But it will show up in every news feed tomorrow, lol.

  • cjsoyer

    It’s probably fake. But stiring up controversy and getting people talking about them is publicity for the family. I guess the more people talk the better for their brand… *shrugs*

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