4 Engaging Golf Trends In 2020

Sydney is one of the major cities in Australia known for its love for sports. You can expect to see various local and international events take place in some of the city’s popular venues. Golf is one of the most popular sporting events held in the state capital of New South Wales. History even claimed that the first game of golf in the country happened in 1839 at Grose Farm, a place that became part of downtown Sydney. At the moment, there are more than a hundred golf clubs Sydney where golfers can practice their swing any time of the year. Some even have picturesque views of the beach. The city also has several exclusive golf clubs and resorts where members can enjoy other perks. 

Aside from providing sweeping greens for your next game of golf with your friends, there are other exciting trends that you can expect from golf clubs in Sydney in 2020. These trends would entice more golfers to maximise their memberships and make them want to visit your favourite golf course in the city. 


Shorter Golf Tournaments

While most professional golf tournaments use a 72 hole stroke play format that lasts for more than four days, regular golfers can still have a competitive golf session for a shorter time. Nowadays, more golfers engage in three to nine-hole tournaments that they can complete for as fast as two hours. Shorter tournaments are perfect for those who want to feel the adrenaline rush of playing competitive golf but have no time to join a full match. 

More High Technology Innovations

Golf continues to catch up with the ever-evolving technological advancements in the sporting world. One of the latest trends in the game that uses high-tech innovations is the GPS-powered golf carts. Aside from giving them the right direction when looking for their next hole, these golf carts can also connect the players across the course to help them provide live scores and other updates. It can also alert you if you already breached a geofence zone. More importantly, these golf carts can keep you safe all the time by warning you about thunderstorms or other weather disturbances. 

Healthier And More Exciting Food Options

Aside from the green, one of the first things that golfers look for when checking out a golf club is the food choices offered at the facility’s dining establishments. Fortunately, most golf resorts and golf clubs in Sydney always make it a point to upscale their offerings to suit the discerning taste of all their club members. Some even include vegan options, craft beers, and third-wave coffee choices, so golfers no longer need to step out of the club to have a sumptuous meal.  

More Activity Options

For gold club members who want to treat their office staff for some rest and recreation, several golf clubs and resorts can now provide different activities that everyone can enjoy. They can organize short golf competitions that even those who do not know how to play can handle it. Other golf clubs can also help in organizing some charity games for your company’s social responsibility projects. 

These new trends in golf will take your appreciation for the sport to another level. It will also encourage you to visit your golf club and maximise your membership more frequently. It may even inspire you to perfect your swing since you could be spending more time at the green because of the new benefits offered by your chosen golf club in Sydney. 


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