4 Indoor Playground Activities That Make Exercising Fun For Kids

Organizing parties is fun, but when you dig deeper, there are a plethora of problems that might come up. Is someone allergic to something, what kind of music would fit best, etc? It can be even more difficult when you want to make a birthday party for kids. It is hard to remember what you liked as a kid and try to understand what the most fun activity for the young ones could be. I decided to talk to people who deal with kids’ birthdays for living, https://avondale.uptownjungle.com/ helped me compile a list of fun activities for kids in an indoor playground, perfectly suited for birthday parties.

Obstacle Run

Kids love running around especially when you turn that activity into a fun little game. Obstacle run is a pretty simple concept. You need some space, like start and finish, and some obstacles that stand in the way to make the experience more fun, engaging and competitive. Create a race where the winner would get some prize, but make sure all the kids feel welcome and rewarded for competing. Indoor playgrounds provide perfect space for this type of game because there’s a lot of room for running around, and there’s a layer of safety rubber on the floors to mitigate damage from inevitable falls. Kids of various ages can participate and have a lot of fun, and more importantly, it is an active sports game basically which is perfect to keep all the kids in one place and have them do something healthy.

Capture The Flag

Yet another game that includes running. This requires you to break the kids into two teams, make sure you divide them equally for fairness. This one includes two teams competing for the enemy’s flag. The goal is to run towards the enemy base, take their flag and return it to yours. If an enemy player catches you then the flag is dropped on the ground and the enemy can claim it back. It’s a pretty simple and fun experience for 10 or more kids. It’s great to have them all in one place which makes it much easier for you to make sure everyone is safe. It is also active and energetic, as it includes constant running back and forth. Even the parents could join the fun, the kids would surely love that.

Battle Chains

Again, two teams and competitive fun. Two groups of kids are formed opposing each other. They need to stand in the line and hold hands tight to form a line of defense, like a chain. The first team calls out 1 kid from the opposing team and they need to run towards them and try to break through. If they succeed, they go back to their team and call out 1 player. If they fail to break the chain then they join that team. The winning team is the chain with all of the kids. A really fun and simple concept, you only need some space and enthusiasm.

Fun Slides

It wouldn’t be an indoor playground if there weren’t any epic slides with multiple levels, which include climbing, sliding, crawling, rolling, etc. These slides have it all, kids can create all sorts of adventures and be completely occupied and entertained. First, they climb a rope ladder, then they move to the slide by crawling and trying to avoid some obstacles, they reach the slide which takes them down to a pool of rubber balls. Who wouldn’t want to do all that? It’s probably every kid’s favorite game. The slide itself is safe, but there’s staff ready and waiting to help if maybe someone gets stuck and needs help.


  • heather

    I remember playing capture the flag when I was little. Some of these games I have not heard of before. These are great ideas thanks for sharing.

  • Rosie

    These do sound like fun activities. I remember my mom couldn’t really have much in the way of decor when the kids were young, everything had to be indestructible!

  • Mary Gardner

    My kids always enjoyed Capture the Flag and of course indoor slides as well. We also loved roller skating and ice skating at the indoor rinks. My grandchildren love the indoor play places with slides and also the trampoline and bouncy facilities that are so popular now.

  • Rosie

    These do sound like fun activities. Birthdays for kids have become big, we were happy with a box mix cake with just your siblings and one present. A lot of pressure on parents to have smashin’ birthday parties nowadays, good to get ideas from a good blog like this!

  • Diane Brimmer

    My grandchildren have gone to an indoor play area, it’s called Bounce Arena. Their are inflated bounce houses, inflated running obstacles and inflated slides. It is so awesome, they have an absolutely great time. Most of all it wears them out. The game that you call Battle Chain,we call Red Rover. LOL Sometimes it would be nice to run on all those things like a kid. I find all too quickly how old I am.

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