The Importance of Getting Your Kids to Go Outside and Play!!

When children are left to entertain themselves, you’ll often find that many of them – regardless of how young they might be – automatically gravitate towards the television or game systems. Whether your child plays games on a portable unit, stays inside all day staring at his phone, or lives a sedentary lifestyle as a result of being attached to the TV, too much time indoors can be a damaging thing.

There are many reasons for kids to play outside – from expressing their creativity in a free and exciting way, to simply being able to run around freely and explore the beauty of nature. In addition, being outside encourages activity, meaning that your children will be less likely to spend the entire day sitting on the sofa. No matter the weather, it’s important to encourage exercise, and get your children outside.

  1. Being Outdoors Improves Your Health

According to American Addiction Centers, addiction to gaming, and an obsession with a sedentary life indoors can be as damaging as any other form of substance abuse. When you examine a person who never goes outside because they’re too busy attached to their gaming system, you’ll often find that they have pale skin, poor immune systems, and bad dietary choices. When compared to the healthy glow of a child who spends plenty of time outdoors, the results can be quite shocking.

Spending time outside can allow the body to produce more Vitamin E as it soaks up the sun, while giving kids plenty of opportunity to move around, burning off toxins and excess energy. What’s more, by engaging in exercise and activities outside, a child’s body can become stronger, as muscles begin to build, the heart beats faster, and the entire form gets a miniature workout.

  1. Outside Air is Healthier

Not only does getting outside more often help children to live healthier, more fulfilling lives, the truth is that there are actually some health risks associated with spending too much time indoors. One of the issues is that the air a child breathes indoors is not as clean and healthy as the air they breathe outside. The air within your home, though not particularly dangerous, is full of contaminants and dust. Taking your family out into the fresh air could help you to see a huge boost to your health and your family’s.

  1. Outside Exercise Helps Families Bond

A sagacious way to get kids off the sofa and outside into the real world is to make the concept a family matter. By encouraging sports and exercises that take place outside, you can come up with ideas to keep the entire family active. Not only will this mean that everyone, including you, will start to feel better in terms of health and fitness – it also means that you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to bond with each other and create some lasting memories.

Take a walk together through the neighborhood or pull the bikes out of the garage and go for a ride together as a family. There are plenty of different things that you can do together as a group. You could even take up a hobby in the form of a sport such as tennis, basketball, or soccer. If your kids don’t know how to play yet, teaching them in a way that’s fun and informative could be a stellar opportunity.

Have you seen the movie Field of Dreams? A father playing catch with his son? Nothing is more incredible and special than that! Just do not teach him how to throw a curveball too soon!

  1. Children can Learn New Things Outside

Just by being outside, your child can start to learn new things about himself, and the world around him. For example, stepping out after a rain can let your child see a stunning rainbow, jump in puddles, and watch the water evaporate. Learning a new sport will help your child to uncover more about teamwork, group efforts, and the things that he might be able to do with his body.

What’s more, if your child starts to enjoy getting outside to exercise – whether he’s with the family or by himself, he may find that his social skills begin to improve as he seeks out groups of kids and teams that he might be able to join. There is a multitude of values in team sports.

It’s amazing what going outside and away from the call of technology can do for the health, and wellbeing of ourselves, and our children.


  • Kelly O

    This is a great post. It is also really important timing. It is getting colder out and my kids have no interest in going outside to play when the weather is less than 60 degrees. If it snows a bunch they will go make snowmen and such, but until that happens, it is TV time. I hate it. I have started doing “chores hour”. If they are outside playing (must be active) they don’t have to help with chores, but if they are in the house they have to help. Works about 75% of the time. I guess that is better than never.

  • Laura

    I remember when we were little, it was practically impossible for our parents to keep us from going to play outside. Now kids are too obsessed with electronics and spend too much time indoors. It’s important for parents to set limits on things like that. It’s so important for them to go outdoors and be active!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Agreed! Parents have got to set limits on TV, Xbox, etc. (So do aunts, lol.) Actually, my niece & nephews are pretty happy to play outside quite a bit…but if you don’t direct them in that direction, they’ll freeze in front of that XBox for hours!


    I realise that we’re more aware now of the dangers that our children face but surely it’s down to the parents? If they allow free access to electronic devices then they can’t expect their children to want to go out. A tv that’s on from breakfast till bedtime & later, pc.s etc. that aren’t supervised … If access to devices was sensibly limited by parents we wouldn’t have obese children, and yes, I realise that parents are under pressure but surely they could spare some time to supervise their children while outside? Then again, if they’re unwilling to supervise the use of devices, including tv, why would they bother to encourage their children to go outside?

  • Rosie

    When we were kids, we were outside as much as possible, hard to get us back in! It would have seemed dreary to be inside much. So many good reasons to be outside, and it is just plain ‘ol more fun, too!

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I completely agree with everything you said here! When I was a kid, we didn’t have electronic devices to entertain us. We had to play outside to be entertained and some of my best memories as a kid are of being outside playing!

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