Focusairy Air Cleaner With Qi Wireless Charging Pad #focusairyhepaairpurifier

I love multi-functional products. Replacing two items for just one is perfect when you are working in a small space of a home office.

A little background here; when we added a Mother-In-Law apartment onto our house we had the contractor include an enclosed patio. Well, the patio is awesome! EXCEPT, yeah, you knew there was a but in there somewhere didn’t you??  My home office window looks into that patio, which isn’t the problem. The problem is the cigarette smoke wafts in. As a non-smoker it’s not a scent I enjoy. I have used room sprays, candles and such; while they do help it’s not the best solution, I needed an air purifier for room livability! Seriously, I couldn’t enjoy my home office without an air purifier.

The best solution I’ve found is the Focusairy HEPA air purifier. First, it offers exceptional air purifying. It’s quiet too!! It runs at a low 40db. That’s quieter than my fan!! When I’m on the phone no-one  can even hear the Focusairy run. I get a smoke free QUIET room!!

The Focusairy Air Cleaner is sleek and stylish black cube. There are two modes. Strong which I use if I am in my office and low when I leave my office. I do keep it running all day. Everyday! I have no cigarette scent in my room! HORRAY!!! Another awesome perk is that this air filter draws air from the top so it can actually be set up against a wall.

There are two buttons on the front of the Focusairy. One on/off button and one with the fan icon. The buttons are very sensitive and a slight tap is all you need. There are three settings, when you first turn on the machine you are in normal mode. Touch the fan button and a beautiful blue light comes on. Touching the fan button again will give you a bright white light. Perfect as a night light. Touch the fan again and all the lights go out which is perfect for sleeping.

You will need to replace the Focusairy filter when you notice it turning a dark gray. So depending on how much dust, pollen and impurities are in the room will determine how long a filter will last.

The Focusairy filters remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers which includes allergens such as dust mites, pollen (starts at 4 to 5 microns), animal dander, mold, and bacteria. Which means if you have allergies this is the machine for you!! Here is my favorite part! The Focusairy also filters up to 90% of toxic gases, Volatile Organic Compounds and captures unpleasant odors!!!

Now for the multifunctional part! The top of the Focusairy is a Qi wireless charger!! The Qi gives me fast charging with three built-in coils, that quickly charge my phone. The three coils ensure that the charging area is large enough that you won’t miss the charge area. If you are familiar with Qi chargers you know you have to be exactly in the middle to charge. The Focusairy has a larger area so you don’t miss. Nothing worse than thinking your phone is charging all night only to find out you have a dead phone!!

Another  awesome perk of the  Focusairy is you don’t need to run the air purifier to charge your phone. The Qi Pad also turns off if your phone gets too hot, so you won’t be able to overcharge your phone. SWEET!! There is even a built in LED indicator light that will flash quickly to tell you if there is abnormal charging.

One of the coolest features is the magnetic socket. I must have played with this a dozen times already!! You can’t plug this in wrong! The plug is magnetic and grabs the plug. So only when it has been plugged in correctly can it operate.


First and foremost how can I complain about fresh air??  The Focusairy is sleek, stylish and takes up very little room. It works 24/7 and it will charge my phone!! I have absolutely no whines!!!!



  • Jen Boehme

    I need one of these! Cleaning the air and charging the hone, all in one area. I would only worry what the difference in electric bill is when using. Probably totally worth it.

  • Tamra Phelps

    It sound good! We moved a few years ago into a house where it’s hard to get a good cross-breeze, so opening windows doesn’t help much. The air can get a little stuffy.

  • Tracie Cooper

    Hubby and I both have allergies and sinus issues and would love to purchase this for our home! I am planning to purchase it for our home!

  • Rosie

    I’m in a condo where air from other units comes into mine, including cigarette smoke and cooking odors and any other stink. I have been looking to move to get away – hmmm I need to check this out it might solve my dilemna! and a lot cheaper than moving!

  • Pamela Gurganus

    This sounds like something my sister needs and I’ll be passing along this information to her! She just moved into a townhouse and her neighbors smoke and she can smell it in her home! Thanks for sharing this!


    Sounds like this is something I could do with! Mum hates having windows open while I’m a fresh air freak so something along these lines would be great for getting rid of dust, cooking & kitten poo whiffs!

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