Okaysou Air Purifier

Don’t SNEEZE! Okaysou Airmic4s Air Purifier

I may need to buy another face mask since this Covid-19 seems like it will never go away! Here is my reasoning.  Allergy season is here in Idaho.  I sneeze, I cough and I can NOT keep my eyes from watering and running.  People in the store  people glare at you. So, my new face mask has to say “It’s JUST ALLERGIES! HONEST!”

However, I am perfectly comfortable at home even though my home is surrounded by trees and a big ole hairy dog inside.

Add to that the constant construction in and around our home and the neighbor behind us. Dust. A fine layer of dust EVERY. WHERE. ALL. THE. TIME. I swear, if anyone moves ANYTHING even the slightest THEY have to dust the entire area. This dust! I swear I will never get ahead of it. I’m in serious need of a dust air purifier! Send one ASAP!

So how am I so comfortable? Do I live in my own private bubble suit? Noooooo I have a secret weapon. Although a bubble suit that acted like a sauna would be great for weight loss…… Sorry, I had a vision of a svelte looking me after a sauna suit.

I am feeling so much better and sleeping better since I added the Okaysou AirMic4S Medical Grade Air Purifier to our bedroom. 

The air purifier works great for home allergies, pets, odors, dust and my favorite POLLEN! 

This sleek little guy has HEPA H13 filters, works in large areas of 300 square feet. It’s perfect for any office, bedroom or even family room.  I chose to place ours in the bedroom. 

Now, for those of you that aren’t crazy about technology in the bedroom I have great news for you!!

  • Remove Pet Hair and Odors – Thanks to the grille air inlet design, now the washable Ultra pre-filter can be easier to capture pet hair, and other large particles; 2-stage H13 Duo-Filter acts as an air cleaner and odor eliminator and helps to reduce gases and unwanted odors from pets, smoke, cooking smell, and more.
  • Touch It and Forget It – SilenceBoost Technology allows AirMic4S to purify your room air at the sleep mode with only 24dB and provide you undisturbed sweet dream. CADR of 125 m³/h, it filters the air 3 times per hour in a room up to 300 sq. ft. Cleans up to 300 sq. ft. in 20 minutes. 150 sq. ft. in 13 minutes.


We are so pleased with our air purifier. Bear? Not so much, as in scared to DEATH of this little device!  We bribed, we begged but Bear was not havin’ it. She sat so far away from the air purifier I couldn’t help but post pictures.  This is a 110 pound dog afraid of this little machine.

I love knowing that I can go on their website for a live chat if needed.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I need a good air purifier. I swear the dust in this place just appears minutes after I dust!! Actually I think I don’t dust so much as ‘redistribute’ the dust.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Now that the heat has been turned on, my allergies are really going nuts. Heating seems to dislodge all the dust in the duct work.

  • Rosie

    This does sound nice. I wonder how much sound/noise does it make? It wouldn’t bother me, but the elderly lady under me, I still haven’t slept in my own bed b/c she can’t stand the sound of me getting into or out of my bed and SLAMS the wall like a wild ape. I keep a quiet fan in the window with 20 layers of towel under it (no exaggeration). The pot smoker next to me moved out, and it would fill up my condo with smoke. If someone moves in who smokes cigarettes or pot, I’d like to have this, but don’t want to spend the money if the complainer under me starts slamming the wall – she’ll tell them I’m jumping up and down on the floor or something like that which isn’t true, then I get fines and hearings, even though I’m quieter than a church mouse.

  • Tamra Phelps

    My allergies are nuts because of moving in here. Every thing seems dusty or musty, lol. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an air purifier.

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