Hello Fall Allergies! Now Please GO Away!!

Things that make me go AHHHHCHOOOO. Fall allergies (for some, me included) can be as aggravating as springtime allergies.

My allergies can be blamed on many things. Starting outside. The fires in Canada, Washington, and Idaho have made being outside nasty. ALTHOUGH! The haze and smoke do make for some beautiful photographs. The air quality is horrible and does cause my eyes to water and at times have me coughing up a storm.

When the smoke gets so bad you escape into the house……… HA! I just made a funny!! Inside the house, it is worse. Hello! Have you met Miss Bear? The 120-pound shedding machine, Bernese Mountain Dog. Same as the fire photographs Miss Bear is super photogenic. She is so SWEET!! But, I swear you’ve never seen so much hair left behind her as she walks. I don’t understand how she isn’t bald!! As embarrassing as the last photo is….. the stairs down to the craft room after 4 days!! LOOK at all that hair!!! (AND that’s the better set of stairs….. I refuse to show you the upper stairs. NOPE!! NOPE!)

Ohhhhh Miss Bear is not the only allergy culprit in our house. NOPE!! Our house is FULL of them. (I could be on the next Hoards TV show)

I visited the Mayo Clinic to learn about ways to combat allergies in your home. Here are some highlights that stood out to me.

  • Clutter. Remove items that collect dust, such as knickknacks, tabletop ornaments, books, and magazines. Store children’s toys, games, and stuffed animals in plastic bins.

Okay, NO!! I’m not giving up my knickknacks (seriously?!?! My head would explode!!) I know my weird collections aren’t for everyone, but they make me SO happy!! Y’all want me HAPPY RIGHT!??!

We all know I am NOT going to dust every day.  I have crafting to do. My house is lucky if I dust once a month. (Remember we live on a mountain with dirt roads. It’s a losing battle). When I dust my collections, I use canned air. HA!! I’m BRILLIANT right?!?!?

  • Flooring. Remove carpeting and use hardwood or linoleum flooring and washable area rugs. If that isn’t an option, use low-pile instead of high-pile carpeting and vacuum weekly with a vacuum cleaner that has a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Shampoo the carpet often.

We y’all know if I’m not going to dust, then I’m also NOT going to vacuum every day either. HOWEVER, every morning our little Robot Vacuums come on.  Bob (he’s on the main floor) Alfred (he’s in the master bedroom) Hazel (she’s in the craft room Alice (she’s in the extra bedrooms)! See?? I’m working smarter, NOT harder.  You’ll see that Alfred has band-aides on him. He has those annoying blue lights. I can’t sleep with the blue lights. UGH!! (I KNOW! I am High maintenance!) Alice, I created fun vinyl decorations. I haven’t gotten around to decorating the others. Ideas?? Anyone??

  • Fireplaces. Avoid the use of wood-burning fireplaces or stoves because smoke and gases can worsen respiratory allergies. Most natural gas fireplaces won’t cause this problem.
EXCUSE ME!?!?!? I live in Idaho, Sandpoint Idaho to be exact. We hit below zero a LOT!  I’m not, I repeat NOT giving up my wood-burning stove. NO!! No. I gotta add one more time NO!

The real list continues ON AND ON. I’m not doing all these things.

I know, you’re thinking ‘Then what is the point of all this WHINING!?’ Well, it certainly wasn’t to confess that I am a horrible housekeeper. It’s not even to confess that I’m a hoarder of the weird and fun knickknacks. It is to share ONE SUPER easy AND extremely helpful thing that we ALL can and SHOULD do!!


Even the laziest of us can do something that will HELP with allergies and asthma!! A NEW clean air filter! Whether you need a filter for your vacuum, heater, air-conditioner, or air purifier. Not to mention POOL and spa filters!! Water filters and refrigerator filters. I swear if it NEEDS a filter then FiltersFast.com HAS IT!!  All the way to COFFEE FILTERS!!! I kid you not.
These are the filters for our furnace. Check it OUT!!! THESE filters not only cut down on the dust circulating in our home but check out what FiltersFast has to say:

Furnace Filters

There are many things that we do daily to stay healthy like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, and drinking plenty of water. One thing we don’t usually think about, but is essential to our overall wellness, is purifying our indoor air. Air filtration is an important part of our daily lives because it helps keep us from getting sick and it protects our HVAC system too. Filters capture the things that we don’t want in our air or in our HVAC system like dust, dirt, pollen, and more. If your health and air quality are important to you, invest in a pleated air filter today!

Breathe Easy: Replace Your Air Filter Easily Today. GO NOW: FiltersFast.com
FiltersFast is the go-to resource for products for allergy and asthma sufferers here. Sneezing, itching, and difficulty breathing – these symptoms are the troublesome effects of dealing with allergies and asthma. Fortunately, there are many different ways to find relief. 

High-quality air filters with high MERV ratings and regularly changing them is an instant way to improve your indoor air quality. Air purifiers add another layer of prevention with their ability to snare pollen and dust particles. A True HEPA filter will guarantee 99.97% of these impurities are removed. And the icing on relief is a dehumidifier, removing moisture from the air that inflames asthma issues. 

thank you

Thank you FiltersFast.com for helping our home be one step closer to a healthier allergy season AND a long healthier winter season as well.




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