Congratulations to ME!! It’s A GIRL!!!

I know there are a couple of you going WHAT THE WHAT!!?!? So, rest assured it is NOT a baby, I am not pregnant. Although it is similar to baby, just not the human kind. I’m getting a puppy!!

Okay, so now more than just a couple of you are saying WHAT THE heck is she thinking??!?!

Yes, I too am saying the same thing. Some days I super excited, then the lazy part of my brain says ARE YOU INSANE?!

Now, here is the part where I try and convince not only YOU, but myself as well, that this is a good idea.

Sometimes the universe just screams at you to pay ATTENTION!!! Like seeing the same numbers everywhere. Seeing an amazing amount of dog commercials on tv. Having random mailers coming to the house for pets. Seeing more dogs out and about. Seeing puppies everywhere! Seeing big dogs everywhere. I figure why fight it. The universe can be a pushy broad at times! 

I decided a big dog is better than a little dog for Idaho weather; ya know…. snow and all. And bears. Gotta factor in the bears. 

When I first saw a Bernese Mountain Dog I was in love!!  Let’s start with this face!! Is she not the sweetest looking girl?? The coloring is so pretty! Bernese Mountain DogHow cute is she??  I’m thinking of the name Bear. We’ll see if it sticks, I’m pretty sure it will. The universe seems to agree. We’ve watched 4 different movies this week with a Bears as a main character! I think it’s a sign.

Cuteness aside, since we have moved I have not much in the way of; how to put this? Personal wellness; as in my tush is expanding faster than my gray hair is coming in! A dog will FORCE me to get outside and walk. A dog will make me get out and actually explore my new hometown.

Next, living up on a mountain a big dog is a great idea for protection. I’m pretty sure Bear will have a nice deep bark which is a great deterrent to someone wanting to break in. And bears. The bark will scare away bears, right?

Final reason is a great one!  Idaho is cold. My feet are always freezing. Dogs are great feet warmers!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    A Bernese? Do you know how much they eat? She’ll bankrupt you! They do have a wonderful temperament though & she is so pretty and you could knit blankets out of all the hair!

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