Top 4 Must Have Items for Device Junkies!

We used to call them gadgets. Now, they are called devices. That has a much more respectable ring to it. But at the end of the day, it amounts to the same thing. These objects of tech lust fill us with wonder and spark our collective imagination.

We happily pay the gadget tax of excitement and disappointment. The companies that make these products are not our friends. They make promises they can’t keep. And nothing ever lives up to its billing.

But once in a great while, we strike gold. And a product comes through, at least, enough to hype us up for the next cycle of excitement and disappointment. If you are a gadget, er… I mean, device junkie, here are the top products right now that will fuel your next cycle:

1. iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Beyond

Spoiler alert! If you are reading this before the next iPhone (call it the iPhone Xs) comes out, here are a couple of things you need to know:

  1. It is going to have glass on the front and back. And you are definitely going to need a selection of protective cases for the iPhone Xs on day one.
  2. It is going to be at least $800 for the one you want. And Apple is going to consider that one the budget option.
  3. Unlike with the iPhone 8, the iPhone Xs is rumored to get the notch complete with the enhanced front camera array of the iPhone X and an edge to edge LCD display.

It will have industry leading silicon, the fastest performance in its class, something new and noteworthy about the rear camera, and some marketing reason why you will have to have it. Half the trades will declare it the best phone ever made. The other half will point out how the competitors all have better specs.

In other words, it’s an iPhone.

Whether or not it is the one for you, it will strongly inspire or heavily compete with the one for you. It all starts with a flagship phone.

2. More Battery

Did I mention this phone will have 10 hours of battery life regardless of what you do with it? I should also inform you that as a device junkie, the real-world battery life will not be enough.

You are going to require something that can juice it up before half the day is over. So since we know you are going to end up with some sort of battery enhancement and charging system, why not get an external device charger that can also jump start your car. It only sounds crazy until both your phone battery and your car battery are dead at the same time.

3. SmartWatch

They say the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch worth buying these days. That may well be true if you are an iPhone user. But don’t count Google out just yet. Rumor has it Google is planning to release a new Pixel Wear OS smartwatch this year.

Just keep in mind this has been a consistent rumor every year for a while now. But this year, it looks more likely than ever. If you are an Android user who has not entered the smartwatch game, there is a good chance that this is your year.

4. HomePod for Music, Echo for Everything Else

Don’t tell me you are still rocking bookshelf speakers in the living room. If you are an iOS with Apple Music user, you need a HomePod speaker for ubiquitous Siri access throughout your house, and the speaker universally praised as having the best sound in its class.

If you are a user of other music services such as Spotify and want to do more advanced smartphone tasks with a wide range of devices, you need the Amazon Echo, any variety.

It is not as if you can’t live without these things. It is just that as a gadget junkie, why would you want to? Right now, the gadgets to own are the iPhone 9, X, and whatever else they announce, a battery that can do more than charge all your devices, a smartwatch, because there is a lot more to keep track of than the time, and a smart home speaker.

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