4 Inexpensive Ideas To Help Your Child Celebrate Their Birthday!!

Every parent wants their child’s birthday to be a special one, and many do whatever they can to ensure their little ones have a day to remember.

Whether you hire a clown, play ‘Happy Birthday’ on a guitar that’s hooked up to an audio amplifier, or invite every single one of your child’s friends to a party, every child needs to feel special on their birthday.

But how can you make a child’s special day one to remember? Here are a few ideas that could help:

Balloon Surprise!

Get some flexible plastic sheeting, and tape it loosely to the other side of your child’s bedroom door. Stuff some balloons into the plastic, so when your little one opens their door first thing in the morning, the balloons are set free!

Birthday balloonsTape the plastic loosely so your child can push their way through it, or easily unpick it themselves. When your child opens the door, the balloons should fall on them, making them squeal with delight!

This task ideally needs to be done when your little one is asleep. If your child is likely to get up in the night, get creative on another door in your home instead, and tell them not to open it until the morning.

Decorate Their Chair

Children usually have a favorite chair that they like to sit in when eating their meals. Why not decorate the chair so that the birthday boy or girl feels like a king or queen?

Attach a sign to the chair that says ‘Happy Birthday’, and decorate the back of it with colored paper, or even some fancy padded material that will make it feel like a throne.

Some stores sell large signs or bags that say ‘Happy Birthday’, these make great chair covers too, and will help to keep your child smiling all day.

Measure Your Child’s Height

Most children love to know how much they have grown, and you can make this fascination with height a big deal on their birthday.

Why not stand them against a wall or a door frame, and measure them every time their birthday comes around? They will love seeing how much they have grown in a year.

Take a pencil, and mark the date on the wall or door frame, so everyone can see how much they have grown.

Let The Birthday Girl/Boy Choose Their Dinner

A real treat that will go down well with the  birthday girl/boy involves letting them choose what they want for dinner. They may choose to have a pizza, a burger, or something completely different, but let them choose.

Depending on your child’s favorite food, you may need to set some boundaries, so they don’t end up eating an entire carton of ice cream. Allow them to chose what they want to eat, knowing that they need to be sensible.

Throw in another treat by letting your child choose where they eat their meal, whether it’s in front of the television, in the yard, or a their best friends’ house. This extra little touch will help them feel special.

Help your child celebrate their birthday in an inexpensive but effective way, making it a day to remember.

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