Relaxation! Why? Where? When? How??

stress funnyStress. Everyone has it. It’s dealing with it well…… ya know…… that is stressful as well!!

Don’t even get me started on “Mom Guilt” HOLY GUACAMOLE Batman that one goes on forever even when your baby is 37!! Years (not months!!)

HOWEVER!!!!!! If we don’t take time out for ourselves the stress is harder to manage; you keep everything bottled up inside until you explode. For me it means yelling at Alice over something so minor that I normally wouldn’t  even phase me. There is nothing worse than hurting a little one’s feelings. (ahhhh remember the MOM GUILT!?  Yeah… that’s one of mine!)

Where to relax. One of my favorite places in Southern California is Glen Ivy Spa. Ahhhhhhh I feel relaxed just typing those three little words. But, first it isn’t in my budget except for an occasional visit. Second it’s 16 and over age restriction. (Ahhh where does the babysitting NaNa PUT the kid she is in charge of?!?  Can the babysitter hire a babysitter?!? AND back to MOM GUILT or NaNa guilt as the case may be). I’ve found the best place for me to relax is in the peace and quiet of my own home. (Remember this is THE NaNa! I get to leave the six-year-old and the mess and go home every night….. ahhhhh that’s relaxing to type as well! Who knew!!) Of course, working Moms don’t get my kind of quiet! They get the car ride home where they make lists of all the work they have waiting for them at HOME! UGH!! Spend time with the kid… guilt over the house. Clean the house… guilt over the kid. Mom guilt is the worst!! You still need to decompress.

Time to relax. It’s not always easy to find time to relax. For most Moms it means waking up before the kids do or staying up after the kids go to bed. Worst case you just wait for September and school to start; which by the way is 52 days away…. but who’s counting?? It is important even take time for YOU!! MAKE time!! Even if it’s just 15 minutes!

Now for the HOW!! I’m a girly girl that loves her spa products!! You have to see Sunflower Sadie’s products!! I’m talking a full line of men’s and woman’s products. EVEN PETS!!! Sunflower Sadie is AWESOME!! Sunflower SadieThere is so much I love about this site. From the adorable graphics to the perfect font! (Yes, I do enjoy a cute font!) Then there is the positive affirmations that label each product. Each product is amazing! From the label to the name and of course the amazing product!

I am Protected. This is a hand and heel balm that I use every night before bed. This smells deeeeeevine!! Lavender and rosemary! I just want to slather this on me all over!! This absorbs quickly and by morning my skin is soft!! VERY soft!! Yes, even my dry cracked heels and cuticles too!!
I Am Inspired is up next. A face soap that takes off the most stubborn waterproof mascara and everything else in between. Nondrying and deep cleaning. Who knew I could love a bar soap this much?! Seriously, look at the ingredients in this soap!!

This next one is a new one for me. A shampoo BAR?! Okay, check out I am Fulfilled.

WOW!! This shampoo bar takes all of the product I use off with one shampoo. I have short, thin hair so I use a very thick hair wax to keep my style in place. Then I add hairspray on top. This shampoo removes it all!! My hair feels soft with lots of body!! Just rub the bar on wet hair and massage. TONS of lather will follow. This rinses out easily and completely. The scent? Heaven!! Rosemary and peppermint. Oh so nice! BUT, nothing that fights my perfume later.

Make Mine Mild bath soap is actually so unique and pretty that I hated to use it. I wanted to just leave it in a soap dish to look at. But the ingredients and the scent forced me to use it in the shower. WOW!!! I love this soap!!
Replenish Me Body Oil might be my favorite of the bunch. A little bit goes a long way. The oil absorbs quickly and is amazing after I shave my legs. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Replenish Me! LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!!  Non greasy. Did I mention that I LOVE this oil?!

Check out the sugar and shea dry body scrub called Refine Me. Trust me, you’ll want to have this delivered by the gallon. The perfect “on the go” dry rub!  Just dab it on, rub it in, brush it off!  You will be amazed at how soft your skin will feel.
Rejuvenate Me Salt Scrub Vitamin rich oils and Dead Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt exfoliate the dry skin and let me tell you what! My cuticles look amazing.
Next up for the men in your life. Call Me Confident Beard Balm. This one makes my sons beard so amazingly soft!! He couldn’t get over how great his beard felt.

Of course, Zac no sooner conditioned his beard to be soooo soft he went on vacation to Arizona (ohhhhh it’s hot there! YOUCH!!) AND then he shaved! That’s where the I Am Brave Shave Soap came in very handy.
Because I KNOW you want to see my baby boy’s before and after……… can the boy grow a beard or WHAT?!?Zachary Gruning

Zachary Gruning

I am Worthy lip balm in several different flavors. Rich but not sticky. You will however have soft kissable lips!!

Find Me Fearless Face mask for dry, normal or oily skin. This one will last forever. Just a teaspoon of the mask mixed with your wet ingredient. There are recommendations on Sunflower Sadie to use as a guide.

Water is the first and most natural choice.  It can be used for all skin types; however, for those of you with dry, oily or problematic skin, there are plenty of other choices.  In addition, it’s just plain fun to get creative with other natural ingredients.

Normal skin – water, nonfat Greek yogurt, egg whites, fractionated coconut oil

Oily skin – water, witch hazel, lemons, limes, oranges

Dry skin – water, EV olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, avocados, bananas, melons

Acne or problematic skin – water, apple juice, citrus, cucumbers, strawberry (pureed or infused water they soaked in)

I will attest that a ripe banana mixed with Find Me Fearless is amazing for soft skin. Bonus it smells so good!!!

Last but not least is I am Fur-r-rocious dog soap is perfect for our fur-babies.

Yes, Gracie’s is as soft as he looks thanks to Sunflower Sadie!



Seriously?? The only way these products could be any better was if Gerard Butler came to my house and applied them directly to my skin.

These are amazing products.  I am thoroughly pleased. Gerard or not.



  • CJ

    With all of the stress going on at home with my dad’s illness this is just what I need…. I love to relax and treat myself to my own personal spa day! 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    OK, just to clarify: can I pay to have Gerard Butler deliver these?? lol, I would be on that website it in a flash! But, seriously I hadn’t heard of Sunflower Sadie before. I’ll check it out ’cause I love this kind of stuff.

  • michele

    First I love the face masque have to try that… Finding ways to calm your self and let go of stress is hard at times….Maybe what I do go by the sea if you can watch the waves.. listen to the sound they make and let the sun shine on you for a few moments.. take a dip in the water and let everything go….

  • Rosie

    I am always stressed it seems, and a vacation to the islands is out of the question. Nice products like these can do the trick, at least take the edge off. I love the face soap best!

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