4 Piece Purse Set From Newchic

If there is one thing that I truly love it’s purses. I would happily carry a new bag every single day. The prices and styles at NewChic it would be possible. (hummm, where will I hide all these purses from The Husband??)

Check out my newest bag! This is the Women Casual Totes PU Leather Shoulder Crossbody 4 piece set.

This is a 4 piece bag set. The set comes in black, red or camel colors. The pieces include a key ring wallet, zippered wallet, small shoulder bag and a large bag.

All four bags together $27.80! Not to mention you can get 20% off with the following coupon.


Check out this set. The largest of the set holds a LOT!! From my iPad Air, book, wallet, planner and miscellaneous items that I seem to accumulate throughout the day. The largest is my absolute favorite of the set. The next one down is great for a grab and go bag; it will hold my wallet and my iPad Mini. Next up is the wallet. It’s just basically a large open space. I wish it had places or slots for cards. However, it will hold my phone and a couple of cards to I can just grab it for a quick trip to the store. The key wallet is an old fashion key wallet. I haven’t used that yet and I doubt that I will. I like all my keys on my plain ole keyring.

There are also 2 shoulder straps that will fit on the large bag and the medium bag. One plain strap and one with chains for a fancier look.

The set is a great value! Seriously, 4 pieces for under $30! Amazing.

The next bag I was sent is a Vintage looking cross body bag. This one can be worn on your belt which is very handy for trips to busy and crowded places where you don’t want to hold on to a purse.

This bag will hold my phone and a small wallet. It’s pretty handy. This particularChic5 bag isn’t my style. However I have a niece that will love this bag.

My next bag from Newchic will be this Retro beauty!


Check out Newchic for hundreds and hundreds of products. From tops, dresses, shoes, bags, backpacks and so much more! My wishlist is a mile long already!

I would love to hear what catches your eye! Check out NewChic

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