Wonbee Bamboo Infinity Anchor Watch

As most of you know The Husband and I are huge watch fanatics. I love unique and stylish watches. This particular watch from Wonbee is not just nice to look at but so unique as well.
Starting with the Bamboo face! I love the look of this watch face! The beautiful light color bamboo has great character. With a complimentary detailing of the time marks and the Anchor connected to the Infinity symbol.

I LOVE the meaning behind the Anchor and Infinity symbol; my sweetheart is my Anchor; for Infinity!! Under the face of the watch is Japanese Quartz movement. This is a battery operated watch. Added bonus there is a small plastic piece right under the dial that keeps the battery from running while the watch isn’t being worn or during shipping. Don’t forget to remove it after you set the watch.

This watch has no date feature. For me and my bad eyesight that is not a problem! I can never see the date anyway!

Because this watch is made with Bamboo it’s amazingly lightweight. You will forget you are wearing a watch.

The wristband is made with 100% grain leather. It’s very rugged looking. I imagine with time this band will look even BETTER!!

I am thoroughly pleased with this bamboo watch. It’s keeping beautiful time IN STYLE!!

The watch arrives in a small sturdy box which is perfect for gift giving.


Not a single whine from me, this Wonbee watch is excellently crafted with a beautifully detailed unique design. A thin profile that means it’s not getting banged up. Another added bonus, the watch looks great on The Husband’s wrist and on mine too!! As a matter of fact I don’t believe he is getting this back.



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