4 week update

First I have to say I am SO READY for this week to be OVER!!!!!!!!! Kaki is on vacation so I didn’t walk. Yes, I know I could have walked all by myself, but what if I got lost? What if a pack of wild dogs………. okay so you get the point. I took the lazy route and slept in. It showed up on the scale (stupid pack of wild dogs!) Besides the constant eating and no exercise I am up .5 pounds. I know it’s not a lot, but, it’s still a gain and I don’t LIKE IT!!! This whole week has been just poor decisions!! From eating, exercise but at my job too. So tomorrow starts my new week. It will be better! Deep breath! Puttin’ my game face on ……… It WILL BE BETTER!!! (WOW!! That had conviction!!)

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