5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Can Accomplish in Less than 72 Hours

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom just might qualify as the most important room in your house. It’s certainly one of the most utilized. Everything from taking a long hot shower, to brushing your teeth, to trimming your hair is accomplished there, plus a whole lot more. It only stands to reason then, that your bathroom should reflect the love you have for it. Interior designer and writer Brandon Kleinman states that a bathroom isn’t just a room, it is your sanctuary. A place where you get away for some peace, quiet, and yes, relief. He also has some terrific design ideas that can transform your old and outdated bathroom into what he calls 5-Star Hotel status

From shower reglazing to brand new light fixture installation, here are five bathroom renovation ideas that can be accomplished in less than 72 hours. Oh, and they are also budget friendly. 

  • Reglaze your Shower  

A brand new shower can cost more than $2,000 when you add in the cost of demolishing and removing the old and installing the new. It can also take a while since building a brand new shower requires carpentry, plumbing, and finishing work. But by reglazing your old shower, you not only save a load of money, you can get the job done in as little as a few hours. Says, home guide site, SFGate.com, over time, cracks can appear in shower stalls and also along its edges. These cracks can be repaired by thoroughly cleaning the stall surface while filling the cracks with a fiberglass filler. The edge cracks can also be repaired by applying a new silicone caulking. The final job is to resurface the stall with a durable glaze that will literally make your shower stall look brand new. 

bathroom fixtures

  • Install New Light Fixtures

According to Kleinman, lighting is one of the most important features of your bathroom. Good lighting is essential especially when you are preparing yourself for an important job meeting, or a night out on the town. Since your local home goods store will likely offer a wide selection of lighting fixture models, colors, materials, makes, and shapes, you will have the opportunity to pick out the specific lighting that matches not only your needs, but your moods and unique style. Kleinman goes on to state that you can create a focal point in your bathroom with easy to install wall sconces and even a chandelier.  

  • Add a Bidet 

Get a bidet attachment for existing toilet. 

  • Invest in a New Sink Faucet

If your sink faucet seems like it’s always dirty, worn out, and not efficiently delivering both hot and cold water the way you’d like it to, it’s time to replace it with a new model. Old standard silver faucets might be upgraded to new brass models, giving your newly renovated bathroom a stylish appeal. A brass finish is also said to protect against water spots and nasty fingerprints. 

shower curtain

  • Switch UP Your Shower Curtain

Perhaps the simplest, most speedy, and most inexpensive renovation your can make on your existing bathroom, is to switch up the old, moldy shower curtain with something new and exciting. Shower curtains have come a long way in the 21st century. New stylish patterns and fabrics are said to be all the rage. Some creative folks will design a show curtain setup as if creating a window dressing.  

  •  Install a Towel Warmer

Popular in Europe and other parts of the world, towel warmers really haven’t caught on in the U.S. like you might assume they would. After all, many parts of the country get downright freezing during the winter months and a towel warmer is the perfect compliment to a long bath or soothing hot shower. While you might be under the assumption that a towel warmer might be too pricey for your strict budget, they are actually a fairly reasonable purchase. Make sure to purchase one that goes with your overall bathroom style theme.

There’s nothing like a bathroom that is newly refurbished to mimic the bathroom you might find in a luxury hotel. Keep in mind, while it doesn’t take a lot of time or cash to make the above five renovations, some of them might require the help of professional installers. For instance, while you might attempt to reglaze your shower stall or bathtub, it’s a better idea to leave it to the professionals, who will not only to a great job, they will guarantee their work. The same goes for installing lighting fixtures and anything related to plumbing like faucets and towel warmers. 


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