5 Things That Are Missing From Your Kitchen Design

Homeowners typically spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking a meal or hosting guests, you want to devise a space that’s functional and welcoming. If your kitchen doesn’t feel quite right, read about the things that are probably missing from your kitchen design.

An Extra Storage Component

Your countertops may hold countless appliances. The tiny pantry may be full of boxes and bags of granola bars and chips, making it feel cramped. The kitchen may appear overwhelmingly cluttered. Overall, you may be in dire need of additional storage.

If you have open flooring in the kitchen, consider installing an island. You can use it for storage, prepping food, and as a breakfast bar.

Perhaps you aren’t looking for a costly renovation. A great alternative is to add a gorgeous medium-height or tall cabinet near the kitchen. You can store the countertop appliances, foods that won’t fit in the pantry, and items like lunch boxes or special serving plates.

Upgraded Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets define the space. However, whether you have faded oak wood to intense royal blue cabinets, you may despise their design.

Save money on the upgrade! Choose between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing. Both are great options that reuse the original cabinets but still give them a facelift.

Additional Outlets

You keep some appliances plugged in all the time. But as you’re cooking, you may run out of available outlets. This can happen if you need to power the hand mixer or plug in your phone for a quick charge.

With too few outlets and abundant electronics, you might need to make some changes. Add USB outlets and a couple of plug sockets around the countertop so that cooking is always effortless!

Convenient Trash Bins

Trash cans are essential kitchen items. As you toss away plastic wrappings or scraps of food, you need a convenient location to get rid of all garbage. Not only may your current trash can be an eyesore, but the only available space may be very troublesome.

One solution is to transform one of the cabinets into a pull-out trashcan. You can store two bins in the cabinet for extra room and always have it handy to use. Odors won’t leak into the kitchen since you’ll have perfectly concealed bins.

A Welcoming Eating Area

kitchen remodel plansNot all kitchens have ample space for a large dining area. Sometimes, you must make do with the space that you have. As you focus on enhancing the kitchen design, one thing you might be missing is a welcome eating area.

Lack of color and few seats may make it impossible to eat meals as a group. It can disconnect everyone and make meals awkward.

Maximize seating on a wall by installing a cushioned bench. Find a table with a leaf so that you can extend it for larger groups of guests. Add less bulky chairs around the table so that they don’t take up as much space. Now, you can enjoy meaningful conversations at meals with friends and family!


  • Tamra Phelps

    You know what I would love to have? Aa real, old-style pantry: the kind where you walk in to it and there are shelves on every wall.

  • Tamra Phelps

    If I could change the kitchen here, I would also add counters and cabinets that I can reach!! The top cabinets are unreachable to me and the back area of the countertops are too.

  • gloria patterson

    OMG a kitchen of my dream!!! But of course I live in a one bedroom apartment build in the 80’s. And way back then storage was not that important. My sister in law has a nice kitchen but it is 30+ yrs old. and the same thing STORAGE was NOT important back then.

  • heather

    I so wish I had more storage space in the kitchen. These are some great tips to keep in mind when doing a kitchen remodel.

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