Glamping: The New Art Of Camping To Embrace


 The idea of escaping the hectic and chaotic daily life and exploring the outdoors sounds pretty appealing to many people. However, not all people are ready for real camping: if you have never built a fire or put up a tent, all these nuances of surviving as a camper are quite challenging. Yes, the modern campsites are equipped with practically everything but traditional camping still can be tricky: you must be ready to sacrifice all your creature comforts (hot water, electricity, and the warm bed) and enjoy the questionable food and smelly sleeping bags. For all the people who find the idea of camping appealing but want to use all the normal amenities during the camping trip glamping can be a great option.

Glamping is a combination of the words “glamourous” and “camping” (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?) and combines camping with having access to all the normal creature comforts which are normally not accessible to campers. To make it possible, glamping resorts (they are similar to campsites) offer their guest different accommodations which are much more comfortable than camping tents: there is electricity, Wi-Fi (how about betting, gambling at Cookie Casino login or watching your favorite comedies when staying in the comfortable ecopod?), heating, air conditioning, warm beds, and they are also often equipped with private bathrooms. Glamping accommodations may vary greatly, but all of them are much more comfortable than camping tents. Bell tents at glamping resorts look like tents on the outside but  have enough space for a person or a family and are similar to hotel rooms.

Creature comforts don’t make luxurious glamping less authentic than camping. Well, it is different, but it doesn’t mean glamping doesn’t let you reconnect with nature. To make the whole experience more authentic, owners of glamping resorts provide their guests with different outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and river rafting. Many glamping resorts go further and provide yoga classes and masterclasses in photography and ceramic. 

Location of glamping resorts  lets you be immersed in nature and if you want you can always leave your luggage in your comfortable glamping tent, cabin, or pod and start exploring outdoors. All glamping resorts are situated not far or on the territory of natural parks, forests,  or near lakes and seas. If you want to do your experience more similar to traditional camping, you can even build a fire and cook food outdoors if you want. However, if the quality of camping foods will be questionable you can always get back to the glamping resort and go to the restaurant with full-course meals or cook food in your kitchenette. So you can always vary the level of comfort you want during your glamping trip.

Glamping as the new art of camping is relatively new but the popularity of it has grown over the last years, so there are many different glamping resorts in the world. You can find tents and tipis for 40-50 dollars per night or decide to rent luxury cabins or eco domes for 200-3000 dollars. Many glamping accommodations look ethical and therefore living there has a special vibe (yurts, tipis, igloos). Glamping houses can be unique: you can find different glamping structures to live from safari tents, and wilderness resorts to treehouses and pods looking like wine barrels. Their design makes them look like part of the landscape and it makes the whole experience even more authentic. 

If you want to decide between traditional camping and glamping you must understand that both camping and glamping trips may be enjoyable and entertaining, and both trips make you get back to nature and guarantee you a great experience. Both activities have their benefits. Just ask yourself what you are looking for and go ahead! Don’t forget to book your safari tent, igloo, tree house or cozy chalet in advance and be ready for the real “wow” factor!


  • gloria patterson

    Glamping has been around awhile. I read some people tell they went camping for their vacation but forgot to say it was “Glamping”. and all the fun they had. I was ok years ago to go for a walk etcc in the woods. BUT I am not the type person to potty in the woods. Sleep on the ground or in a tent…………. not me!!

    When asked to go camping/glamping with them I politely told tell them my ideal of camping/glamping is MOTEL 6!!!!!!

  • heather

    It has been years since I have been camping and I would love to do this with some friends for a weekend sounds so fun.

  • Tamra Phelps

    If I ever went camping, it would have to be a glamping experiemce, lol. I do not want to sleep outside in the rough!!

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