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FiveJoy 4 Person Pop-Up Camping Tent

I love camping in Yosemite with my family!! We go every May and we have a great week! (Well, after the ‘no-net’ withdrawals that is!)  I am thrilled to add a new tent to our camping gear. Check this out! A 3 to 4 person tent that POPS up and ready to occupy in seconds!! Since the tent we have now takes an hour or more to put up; seconds is amazing!!

I am giddy over this 4-Person Instant Pop-Up Camping Tent tent!!  First it fits in a zippered pouch that lays flat. Completely flat! The tent is held together with elastic so that it doesn’t just pop up when you pull it out of the pouch.

Inside the door is mosquito netting so you can actually have the doors open for fresh air! SWEET!! Windows on each side with roll up shades.

There are tent stakes to keep your tent from blowing away!!

Nice and roomy inside too!

First there are double doors!! IN a POP UP TENT!!!! Not only are there doors in the front and back but there small areas before you actually get inside the tent to wipe off your feet or take off your shoes. After you have to sweep out a tent everyday because of the kids coming in and out you’ll understand how COOL that feature is!!

The inner door has a zippered screen and the outer one with zippered nylon door! You can open either side completely if you want!! Or for privacy zip the nylon door up. The windows have the flaps for privacy as well.

Even more to love are the mesh storage pockets inside to keep small items like your headlamps!!

This tents sets up and tears down in seconds. SECONDS PEOPLE!!!

The tent floor area is 6 ft. 7 in by 4 ft. 4 inches.  Vestibule Area: 9 ft. 3 in. by 4 ft. 4 in.; The tents Peak Height: 47″.

The tent is made of PU-coated 190T polyester (waterproof rating: 3000mm). The inner tent fabric is made of PU-coated 210D Oxford (waterproof rating: 4000mm)

The tent folds down to 35″ around and about 2″ thick. This tent weighs in a t 8 pounds 3 ounces.

The tent arrives with 10 tent pegs, 6 guylines and the carrying bag.

Folding the tent up and putting it away. Well, that took more doing. My daughter and I fought with the tent until we cried uncle and made The Husband do it. It is tricky! (okay, it was down right frustrating!! I really hate The Husband could do it so easily too!!) I need to make The Husband do a video so I can show you how to close the tent easily. It will have to wait until the rain stops though.


None!! This is an awesome tent!! I’m looking forward to a NaNa and Grandkids camp out in the backyard REALLY soon!!
And I REALLY can’t wait for Yosemite!!



  • Rosie

    I love this tent! I haven’t been camping in years, and the tents we set up were huge and heavy from waterproofing, and once a tarp we had over the tent collapsed in the rain onto the tent, ughh. This sounds fun and no hassles!


    This is brilliant! I could see this being used on the white sands of our beaches here in the sunny south east of Ireland.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    Oh, I really love this tent! I so dislike putting a tent up, but this pop up sounds great! I didn’t know they made one that could accommodate that many people in a pop up! Thanks for sharing this review and information!

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