New Kitchen Design Trends!

Kitchens are great places to express your individuality, with new trends coming along all the time. Following design trends is the perfect way to try out new things, so check out our favourite ones to get inspired in your own home.


A mosaic backboard adds a splash of colour and can really tie the rest of the room together. Using these as a splash back behind the hob can bring in other elements from the room and make it feel more cohesive. Using the countertop and cupboard colours can be good starting points to inspire the colours you want to use for the mosaic.

If you’re getting a mosaic splash back put in, make sure your countertops have the right protection. Sheets from safety companies such as or will stop them from getting scratched or damaged by sharp bits of glass while they’re being fitted.


Kitschy kitchens are no longer in vogue, as most homeowners look towards minimalism instead. You don’t need to have all of your items on display at all times, just one statement piece like a stand mixer makes the kitchen look much better. Overly cluttered kitchens make the home feel overloaded, so be selective as to how you decorate.

You can still bring your own discerning tastes to the table, just be sure to edit yourself and ensure that you don’t go overboard. Ask for a second opinion from a friend or neighbour if you need a helping hand deciding whether to add an extra piece or not.

Glitz and Glamour

Black and silver are some of the most popular colours to use in a modern kitchen. The glitz and glam that these darker colours bring fit in with those that want an overall chic home. Sparkling Perspex and glittery tiles are among the top options for those planning a remodel. These options are a lot more common and easy to come by than you would expect, as builders merchants are noticing the rise in the market.

These can also be used in the bathroom too, as many of the same materials are also used in this area of the home. Buying enough for both can save you money when compared to buying twice.

Hidden Appliances

Not all too long ago, a dishwasher or washing machine was something that was shown off in the kitchen. With these being at the cutting edge of tech, they were almost a status symbol and became a focal point of the kitchen. Nowadays, we like to hide these appliances away, behind cupboards or in a separate utility room.

Slimline dishwashers are becoming more widely used, though they can only handle a smaller load many people prefer this to having a larger appliance in the kitchen. This trade off allows us to pick the appliance that we really want, instead of being stuck with a larger one that detracts from the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

Enjoy decorating your kitchen with these new trends if you want to have the most modern kitchen around, they might just transform your room.


  • Amy Green

    My mom recently told me of how my grandparents had home entertainment devices that doubled as furniture, to hide their Real uses and to look more sleek. Their tv was hidden in a cabinet to look like a dresser, and their record player looked like an end table!

  • Rosie

    I do like this Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray, is really is a nice dark Swedish gray-blue, not the plain gray colors I see on recent renovations for flippers. These are some good ideas, if you have a huge kitchen, a KitchenAid mixer would be a nice statement piece, and they are too heavy to move around anyway!

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