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Here Come the Screechers!!

While Alice may be all about the fuzzy, fluffy and cute she is still a tom-boy at times. Transforming Screechers made her little eyes light up.

Screechers transform into the coolest creatures on the block. Choose between a variety of styles from Wave One which include: RevAdactyl, Stingshift, Nightweaver, Nightbite, V-Wrex, Monkeywrench or Gatecreeper. More Waves are set to release this spring

You can also watch more episodes here.

Not only are there vehicles available but also available are the Rapid Fire Disc Launcher and a Speedlauncher, which launches both discs and Screechers.

I remember my (37 year old son) playing with transformers which went from vehicles to robots. These little guys have those toys beat hands down. SCREECHERS WILD!, vehicles that transform into creatures using “explosive 360-degree flip morphing action.”  The little plastic disks called FOOD gives the Screechers Wild a “fuel-injected feeding time” when the Screechers either pick up activates the flip transformation.

The world of Screechers Wild! has already been built-out with character backstories, and will soon be supported by animated webisodes. So what exactly is a Screecher?

A Screecher is the alchemic melding between driver and machine into one massive mecha-kick-butt-creature! Taking driving to the next evolutionary level, Screechers are— true to their namesake— part hot rods, part animal spirit avatars.

Imbued with both advanced racing mechanisms and state-of-the-art beast weaponry, a Screecher is a vehicle with a hidden second self!

Rated for kids 6+


I found the directions confusing. Alice? Didn’t have a single problem. (It’s like child-proof stuff, kids are usually the ones that can figure stuff out quickest!! Right??)
Alice is having fun which is all that counts.

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