Valentines Day Reminder! ForEver In My Heart Locket #Giveaway

This is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is one short week away!

Okay, mostly I just wanted to brag. Alice loves her new locket!! Please read my full review of this beautiful locket!! So many beautiful details! Yes, along with a chance to WIN your own!!

This lovely locket is a little thing that keeps me in Alices mind. MAYBE she will call more? (I can hope!) I really hate being so far away!! (Whine time…. stupid COVID!!! I am missing everything!!

For the longest time Alice called me daily. Now, back in school full time (hooray for normalcy!! Sucky for Non Time).  I know it’s the age, Alice is 9 almost 10 and talking to your Non……….. is just kinda boring. Ahhhh I do miss this angel so much!

She squealed when she opened her Forever In My Heart locket The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Her Grandma, Granddaughter, Mom or sweethearts. Locket are such a loving and touching gift.

Alice and I had a Duo call tonight so she could open her present.. Now, remember Alice and I have an on going “I love you more” “I love you, to the moon” banter and this goes on for a good solid 5 minutes. that we do at the end of our phone calls.

Alice unwrapped her locket, smiling all the time….. when she opened the locket there is a picture of me, The Non. The other side it says “I love you infinity diamond” Check out the look on her face when she read the back!  “Non WINS” (I know I Know! I’m FUNNY!!)

How happy does she look?!?!  Just think how happy YOUR Valentine would look where her locket!?

So, DO NOT forget to go enter the giveaway for your own Forever In My Heart locket necklace from Pictures on Gold.  Giveaway ends on Valentines Day!!

How grown up is my little Alice?!!? I miss her so much!! Stupid Covid!! I NEED TO SPEND TIME WITH THIS KID!!!!!!

Good LUCK little Peanuts!!!!!!!!!!  BTW this is the same exact entry form as the previous post about Pictures on Gold Forever In My Heart


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