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5 Valentine Gifts NOT To Give!

I am here once again to share a public service announcement.  This time Valentine’s Day do NOTS!

1. Forget. OhhhhMgeeee. Especially if its a new relationship. Even a dinner out or a single rose is better than forgetting. Forgetting. BAD! Of course,  jewelry is ALWAYS an option. A-L-W-A-Y-S!!

2. Household appliances. A vacuum cleaner or cast iron skillets are NOT a romantic gift. Now hiring a house cleaner? Oh that will make my heart go piter patter. Especially if she does windows!

3. Automobile accessories.  Nope. I don’t need a charger for Valentine’s Day. Take my car and have it detailed? Absolutely! Sneak in my car and have a romantic song cued up for when I start my car! YES! AND extra brownie points for you!

4. Socks. I don’t care if my feet ARE always cold. Socks are NOT ROMANTIC! Unless of course you’ve nestled a bottle of my favorite perfume inside. Seriously, am bottle of my favorite cologne Phluid will get you out of the dog house. ASAP!

Phluid Phluid

5. Dedicate a song to me on the radio. ARE WE 12!?!?! NO! NO! NO! Take me dancing? Hello! Now you have my number.  Can we go have steak and lobster first? Or is that pushing my luck?

Did any of these happen to me? YES! EACH and EVERY ONE of them!

Luckily (for both of us. Mostly him) The Husband has evolved into an amazing gift giver.

So now that you have a list of not to do’s I would love to know what would be THE perfect Valentine gift for you? Whether you are spoiling yourself, your significant other or even your BFF, what is your favorite gift to get.

You know me, always nosey, what’s the worst Valentine’s gift you have ever received?

Don’t forget Valentines Day is this Sunday.

Now I am off to paste hints on mirrors and computer screens.


  • heather

    I can’t think of the worst Valentine’s Day gift that I have ever gotten. I usually get flowers and those I love so much. This list was so funny to read especially the household appliances lol.

  • megan allen

    Three years in a row I received household appliances for Valentines. When he finally realized it wasn’t my favorite gift in the world..he said its the thought that counts LOL. That is so true so I’m not even mad at him!

  • Crystal K

    My dad got my mom a washing machine once. She said, “Thanks! I got you clothes-washing lessons.” She showed him how to use the washing machine and then didn’t wash his clothes for a year. The next year, he bought jewelry.

  • Rosie

    I’m getting a chuckle out of this. First, I have to give you mucho credit to address what NOT to give!!! No fellow will announce his “cad”nees more than a gift such as a vacuum cleaner, etc.!!! Ideally, it should be at least a tad romantic, which typically means impractical, not something to help you clean, etc!

  • Kelly Kimmell

    I totally agree with this list. I hate getting appliances like vacuums for Valentine’s day. I once got a flashlight set, ugh.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    One year Dad gave Mum a pressure cooker. She threw it at him, he ducked & it smashed a window which she insisted he pay for (rather than the family a/c). Lesson learnt!

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