5 Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

Got a real girly-girl who loves all things beauty to buy for? These five gifts are sure to be right up her street, whether it’s hair, makeup or nails that she loves pampering the best.

  1. A Beauty Box

The average girly girl loves a beauty box. Delivered straight to her door each month, what is inside is the beauty box is usually a surprise. This means that every month you’re giving her a brand new surprise gift! If subscribing her for a whole year is out of your budget, don’t worry. Most companies offer one-off packages, or three months subscription periods. She might just find her new favorite beauty product!

  1. A Makeup Eraser

A woman’s cleansing routine can consist of dozens and dozens of products. She may be using cleansers, toners, creams and oils to remove her days look sufficiently. This is why a hit makeup eraser makes a good gift. It is a cloth that removes even waterproof mascara with only water. And, because these last up to a whopping 1,000 washes, you’ll also be helping her save money in the future. That’s well over a whole year’s usage from one gift- not bad!

  1. A Hair Conditioning Treatment

If your girly friend or family member has been complaining about the state of her hair recently, this is an ideal gift. Hair salons don’t just cut and colour hair. They offer nourishing and moisturising treatments too. Usually, the hair is washed and then the treatment applied. Sometimes they throw in a mini-head massage as well! Then the customer is free to relax with a magazine and drink while the treatment works in magic. Once rinsed they’ll be left with soft, shiny and healthier hair that will make them feel a million dollars!


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  1. A Beauty Tutorial

With new products launching all the time, even a woman who knows lots about beauty can’t know everything! A great way to help her keep abreast of things is with a makeup tutorial. High street beauty counters often offer a free tutorial if the customer spends a certain amount of make-up at the end. A great gift for a girly girl would be to set up an appointment and then give her a gift voucher to cover her favorite items at the end.

  1. A Manicure Voucher

No, we’re not just talking about a plain old pink manicure here. You might be amazed to know just how many options there are out there for gorgeous nails now! This gift is especially good for girls who love to be girly but don’t treat themselves enough. If you buy them a generic voucher for a salon, they can then pick what treatment they have. They could go for acrylic nails, which can last around three weeks. Gel nail polish is another option, which is a super shiny polish that lasts much longer than regular varnish. Some salons will also allow their customers to glam up the look with a top coat of glitter, sequins or gems! This extra touch makes this gift great if your girl has a special occasion coming up.


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