5 Romantic Ways To Impress Your Date In Sydney

Chippendale is a charming inner-city suburb located in Sydney, New South Wales. Its proximity to the state’s Central Business District helped it become one of the favorite destinations for a quick lunch or dinner due to the numerous cafes and restaurants all over the area. The Chippendale restaurants are also popular hangout spots for students studying at the nearby universities like the University of Notre Dame Australia, the University of Sydney, and the campus of Curtin University found on Regent Street.

But aside from power lunches and student breaks, the city also has several romantic spots where you can take your date for some quality time together. Here are several ideas to impress your date without having to leave Sydney or its suburbs. 

Sail Away On A Romantic Cruise 

Take your date’s breath away by arranging a sunset cruise with the dramatic Sydney Harbour at the backdrop. Schedule your cruise just before sunset so you can enjoy watching the sun go down with your favorite person on a private yacht. You can also ask your date’s go-to restaurant to prepare a nice meal that you can share while lounging on the balcony of the yacht.

It would impress your partner even further if you bring along a delectable wine so you can share the bottle while basking in the beauty of the harbour and the rest of the city. 

Savor The Local Flavors

Sydney has a plethora of dining establishments that can tickle anyone’s palate. You can take your date on a casual food trip in one of the street food markets in the city, where both of you can enjoy local delicacies and authentic exotic dishes. But if you want something fancy, bring your date to one of the most excellent Chippendale restaurants. The knowledgeable staff will serve you a well-curated five-course meal for lunch or a seven-course meal for an intimate dinner. 

Fly Over The Harbor

If you really want to impress your date, book a seaplane or helicopter adventure so both of you can fly over the majestic Sydney Harbor. It will give them a different experience compared to the cruise. While flying on top of the city, you and your date will have a different perspective of some of the most popular spots in Sydney, like the Sydney Opera House and the Pittwater and Hawkesbury beaches. This tour of the city will be something that your date will never forget for a long time. 

Enjoy High Tea On Board The Ferris Wheel

Take your date on a literal high tea experience in Sydney’s Luna Park. Both of you will enjoy the picturesque view of the city while savoring some bite-sized treats and sipping some of the finest teas. It will also allow you to appreciate Sydney on another level while you and your date spend much-needed alone time together on-board the ferris wheel. 

Join A Sydney Ghost Tour

If you want your partner to cling to you throughout your date, then take the 90-minute guided ghost tour in the city. It will take you to some of the spookiest parts of Sydney based on history. The tour includes several burial pits, popular haunted spots, and a discreet haunting site that not everyone can visit. This tour will require your date to hug you tightly as you pass by all the creepy places in town. 

Sydney and its neighboring suburbs have some of the ideal spots where you can impress your date. You can try out these dating ideas if you want your significant other to feel extra special to celebrate a milestone or for no apparent reason. With the help of these tips, you and your date will build special memories that could last a lifetime.  


  • Rosie

    This sounds fun! I hardly have a chance to leave town, but if I had opportunity, this is so nice! I wonder if this is the Chippendale that is home to the beefcake Chippendale dance troupe – LOL!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve wanted to see Sydney, and other places in Australia, for years. I bet the street markets are really impressive. I love trying the food in new places, whether in restaurants or street markets.

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