5 Tips For A Good Nights Sleep!

Here are my top five favorite tips for a good nights sleep.

Tip # 1 Bed time routine. By doing the same things each night, it signals your mind and body that it’s time to relax and unwind. My favorite routine starts with a warm shower. In the bedroom I dim lights. Candle light is my all time favorite lighting. I turn on some soft music. Just those few steps and I’m already relaxing. I might mention that there are several sites that recommended you not have electronics or television going while you are in bed. Electronics stimulates your mind, when your trying to relax. Smart, although I don’t think that DH can fall sleep without the television on.

Tip # 2 Create a room that is meant for sleeping. This should be your sanctuary! The ideal sleeping room is a cool, dark and QUIET place! To get the room dark you can use black out curtains. Even an eye mask will work. For quiet you can either use ear plugs. Personally, I use the fan. I can’t sleep without the fan. All year long!

Tip # 3 Limit your daytime snoozes. If you have to nap during the day limit yourself to ten to 20 minute cat nap.

Tip # 4 Stick to the SAME bedtime and wake up time. Yes, even the weekends. Ohhh, this one is hard for me. I do love to sleep in!! Sticking to the same schedule really does regulate your body’s own natural inner clock. Stick to this and you will fall asleep and STAY asleep all night long.

Tip # 5 Bedding. In my opinion the most important, good night sleep tip, is your bed!! From a good mattress and comfortable pillows and most important? Luxury bedding!! I’m addicted to beautiful luxury bedding sets! I love sleeping on high thread count linens, it’s like being enveloped in a soft cloud. When the thread count is high it’s like silk against your skin. Not just silky feeling but they also look so nice on your bed! Yup, bedding That’s my favorite tip!

What is your favorite tip to get a good night sleep? I’m all relaxed now and ready to crawl into bed. Good night!


  • frankl

    Thank you so much Connie for your helpful insights. My kids have experienced troubles in sleeping but when I finally changed their room to Frozen theme and got their fixtures replaced, they seem to enjoy this more. Now I have another idea on what to add inside their room thru your suggestions. Love it.

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