5 Ways to Earn Money From Home This Winter

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Make your money work for you 

The first step in earning better money from home is to reduce your bills and spending as much as possible. Any savings analyst will advise you of this strategy because until you strip everything back to the necessities, your saving efforts will be inefficient and therefore flawed. Go through your accounts and remove any unnecessary expenses. These could include subscription services you haven’t used for a while. Limit subscription services where possible and check you’re getting the best deals on your energy, credit cards, insurance, and the best savings rates.

Off-load all the stuff you don’t use

Some people like to clean out in spring but over the winter months can be an excellent time for a cleanout as well. Especially during the pandemic when you’re stuck at home. Take a look through your belongings and as you did with your accounts strip it all back so that only the necessities remain. You may have to go through a few dilemmas as you do this, but it will be worth it in the end. Downsizing means more space, less clutter, and some extra money in the bank. 

Sell books on eBay and Amazon 

After downsizing you probably have a lot of books and CDs, you don’t need anymore. Luckily there are still good places to put them on the Internet that will pay you a fee and ensure they go to someone who wants them. One of the easiest places to sell old books is Amazon and eBay. Amazon, however, is probably the better, and faster choice. You won’t have to scan the books and list them laboriously. With Amazon, you can simply search for the book and write a short description of it. Amazon allows you to list 35 books for free this way. 

Start your own passion blog 

Do you have a passion that you’ve wanted to explore for some time but haven’t had the time to do it? This winter could be the perfect opportunity to start up a passion blog and take your first steps into the world of monetized blogging. It won’t happen overnight, it will take months or years to earn money from it, but that’s OK if it’s your passion. When you have enough followers, it will be possible to gain paid advertising for your sites. Affiliates will want to take advantage of your audience to promote their products and services. 

Open an eCommerce store

Open an eCommerce store this winter and help pay for the family Christmas presents. It’s not as hard as you think. Even if you haven’t run a shop before or set up a website, there are companies like Shopify who can help you out. They will arrange everything for you, including website, products, custom cosmetic packaging, and marketing for a flat monthly fee. Then all you have to do is promote your shop and sell your products. If you use an affiliate method, you won’t even have to acquire any stock. 



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