Most Common Door Lock Problems in Winter

It’s winter season once again. It’s time to update our outfit as well as check our door locks in anticipation of the cold weather. Experts at West Coast Locksmith confirm that door lock problems are quite common during winter because the cold weather causes a number of things. Let’s take a look at what happens to our locks in this time of the year, as well as some quick fixes:

1. Misaligned Lock

When temperatures drop, door frames may contract, affecting the fit between the door and the installed lock. If you’re using a deadbolt-type, you might find turning the key a bit challenging because of this. If this happens, try to check if there is a need to re-center the lock within the door frame. 

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2. Icy Door Locks

The cold weather might cause problems on your locks because of the moisture, oil, and dust that have crept inside the keyhole and settled in the nooks and crannies of the lock over time. It will be impossible to turn a lock when they freeze solid. When this happens, dismantle the lock and wash the insides using dish detergent and water. Spray silicon lubricant on the insides before putting them back together. 

3. Squeaky Doors

Due to the coldness, the hinges of our doors tend to contract, causing it to creak when we open or close them. You might also feel slight resistance when you push or pull the door. Applying oil or petroleum jelly into the hinge usually fixes this. Make sure to remove the pins first and apply these lubricants on the gaps between the moving and the fixed parts of these hinges.

It helps to understand what causes these problems so we can prepare better for the winter season that is fast approaching. When all else fails, call your 24-hour locksmith company for immediate help. 


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