How To Make Your Vegan Business More Inviting to Non-Vegans

Why did you start your vegan business? Many vegans start their own businesses to create more vegan-friendly spaces. This is a great goal. However, you can take your business a step further and welcome non-vegans as well. Everyone can benefit from plant-based products, and feeling welcomed in a vegan space may even help people realize how great veganism is. Try some of the suggestions below to make your vegan business more inviting to non-vegans.

Find Common Ground

While it’s easy to find common ground with fellow vegans, veganism has common ground with many other personal belief systems. For example, a vegan diet is one way to live a more sustainable life. As global warming and climate change continue to affect the planet, vegans and non-vegans can unite on the issue of sustainability. When you find this or other types of common ground with people, they will feel more welcome at your business.

Explain the Benefits of Plant-Based Products

There are many health and wellness benefits to plant-based products. Vegan diets tend to have more fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Other vegan products, such as beauty products, are also higher in anti-inflammatory properties than non-vegan products. Explaining these benefits to people looking for better, cleaner products will make them appreciate what your business offers and feel invited to come back.

Get Creative on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with all types of people, both vegans and non-vegans. While you can share the benefits of your plant-based products in basic posts on your social media, try to get more creative. Post videos answering questions you get from all types of customers. Share tutorials showing how to use your most popular products. Partner with vegan and non-vegan influencers who love your business. Whatever will engage your audience, put it on social media.

Offer a Stellar Store Experience

Since you’re trying to attract people to your brick-and-mortar store, you need to offer a stellar store experience. Train your staff in how to interact with all types of customers and provide a unique in-person experience, such as offering free samples. Keep high-traffic flooring in good shape with regular casual and professional cleaning because appearances matter. All these efforts will make your vegan business more inviting to non-vegans and every other type of customer you have.

Your vegan business is a safe space for fellow vegans and a way to connect with people of other lifestyles. When we open these vegan spaces to everyone, we can act as vegan ambassadors and find common ground with more people than we could ever imagine.


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