Wedding Cake Alternatives Your Guests Will Love

Are you and your partner planning a wedding that bucks tradition and offers your guests a unique experience? Consider forgoing the classic three-tiered cake in favor of a more whimsical and portable dessert. Your guests will love these sweet wedding cake alternatives that don’t require waiting for a big cake to be sliced.

Cupcake Tower

A three-tiered tower of professionally decorated cupcakes maintains the classic cake silhouette while offering pre-portioned treats for your guests. Mix up the flavors, top each cupcake with a buttercream flower, or top the tower with a small cake so there’s plenty of sweetness to go around.

Meringue Kisses

Romance is the theme of the day—what better way to celebrate your love than with bite-sized “kisses” of sweet, airy meringue? Ask your caterer to incorporate your favorite colors and flavors into the meringue recipe for an extra unique touch.


This French dessert is comprised of a tall cone of choux pastry puffs, either plain or filled with cream, that are bound together with ultra-sweet threads of caramel. Guests can walk by and pluck a puff from the tower without worrying about the whole thing crashing down.

Macaron Stack

These almond-flavored sandwich cookies are a staple in any French patisserie and will add a touch of elegant whimsy to your big day. They’re also available in a variety of charming colors, making this unconventional wedding reception tradition a sweet and memorable one.

Cake Pops

For a mess-free dessert with the familiar taste of wedding cake, offer your guests an array of fancifully decorated cake pops. These tasty bites can be arranged in a variety of creative ways by artfully inserting the lollipop sticks into a foam base.

If you and your partner prefer not to have a classic white wedding cake, shake up the dessert table at your reception! These wedding cake alternatives are easier to munch on than full cake slices, and your guests will appreciate the creativity and personality that shines through.


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