Tips for Choosing Between a Two-Tube or Three-Tube Pontoon

Ritz Carlton offers beautiful vacations both near and far from the water. If you’re planning to spend your next vacation near the water, you should plan to use a boat. While many people rent or charter boats while vacationing near the water, bringing your own boat is better. You have more control over your boating experience and can continue to enjoy boat life at home.

If you’re considering buying a boat before your next vacation, look at pontoons. Pontoon boats come in various sizes that allow you to relax or have fun on the water. Choosing between a two-tube or a three-tube pontoon can feel difficult, but asking yourself the following questions can make it easier.

What Water Conditions Do You Anticipate?

While you can take your boat to any water source on vacation, such as the San Francisco Bay or Lake Tahoe, most people have a favorite vacation spot. Consider the typical water conditions of this favorite vacation spot as you shop for your boat.

If you know you’ll spend more time in choppy open water or on a peaceful lake, choose your boat accordingly. Two-tube pontoons are perfect for calm waters. The extra tube on three-tube pontoons provides extra stability for rougher waters.

Do You Plan To Entertain on Board?

The extra tube on a three-tube pontoon provides stability as well as even weight distribution. This makes it the perfect option if your vacation involves entertaining. While some people go on vacation to spend time alone, many enjoy vacationing with family or friends. Taking your loved ones out on your boat is a perfect vacation activity, and a three-tube pontoon can support all this weight.

If you know you won’t entertain on board, you don’t need the extra tube. You can invest in a lovely two-tube pontoon instead and save your money for your next vacation.

Do You Want To Participate in Water Sports?

Vacationing near the water means different things to different people. Some want to participate in as many activities as possible, including water sports. Others prefer to take it slow and relax. The right pontoon will help you in both cases.

A three-tube pontoon is often bigger, and if you choose the right outboard motor for your pontoon, it will have the strength to perform water sports. A two-tube pontoon is often smaller, including a smaller engine that can’t support lots of activity. Instead, this boat is ideal for relaxing during your vacation and at home.

Asking yourself these questions can tip you in the right direction when choosing between a two-tube or three-tube pontoon. Buying either type of boat for your next Ritz Carlton vacation will elevate your experience and help you make wonderful memories.


  • gloria patterson

    That is a lot of good information…………………………… Makes me remember my younger days. A group would get together and we would rent a pontoon boat for the day. We would go out on the lake and spend the day. There were areas that you could pull up close to and wade over to the beach. We always had so much fun have not thought about it in years.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Now I have that song ‘Pontoon’ in my head, lol. I remember spending a lot of time on a pontoon in a local lake in my teens.

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