Summer Boating Getaways

Your stress level has skyrocketed, and you’re ready for a relaxing summer vacation. Don’t let the planning process get you even more keyed up. Opt for a calm retreat by a beautiful river or lake where you can party on the water by day and chill on the shore by night. Better yet, why not stay on the water for the duration of your trip? You can rent a houseboat with plenty of space, comfortable beds, and maybe even a hot tub! On the other hand, you might want to sleep on dry land while soaring over the waves after dawn on a jet ski or carousing all afternoon on a pontoon boat. Regardless of your preferences, a plethora of boating spots across the country are awaiting your arrival!


Pacific Northwest

The Columbia River provides boating opportunities of every type. It meanders from British Columbia through Washington State and then runs along the Oregon border before it empties into the Pacific Ocean. With plenty of houseboat rentals available, you can tour this phenomenal waterway with all its scenery and wildlife at your own pace. Summer vacations don’t get any better than this! You can swim, fish, or even cliff dive along the way. If you’d rather indulge in a weekend on the river, then you can rent a pontoon boat, kayak, paddleboard, or some other source of fun.


For a magnificent view of cliffs and canyons, you can tour the Colorado River in Nevada and Arizona. One location along the river that is ideal for boating excursions is Lake Mead about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Although it’s a man-made lake that consists of water from Hoover Dam, the reservoir is not lacking in beauty. Houseboats up to 75 feet in length are available for rental in this southwestern paradise. Likewise, the necessary equipment for various water sports can be utilized for an unparalleled experience!


The Midwest has more than just corn fields and prairies to offer vacationers. The Mississippi River provides some of the best boating sites in the nation. With your choice of rental pontoon boats, you can fill your holiday schedule with water skiing events and tubing fiascoes. A 115-HP engine will give you the desired speed. You can picnic on board especially if your craft has a canopy or tent for shade. If you wish to see a large portion of the river, then your pick should be a houseboat. You may even enjoy this type of trip as far north as Rainy Lake in Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park.


No state has more waterways than Florida. Whether you take a boat on the St. John’s River or one of the area’s thousands of lakes, you won’t regret choosing this type of vacation. Many tourists escape severe winter weather at home by planning their trips during the off-season when the Sunshine State is featuring mild temperatures and clear skies. However, boats of every kind are available for rental year-round; all you have to do is book one for your upcoming retreat!


Cruise the Boston Harbor Islands in style, and stop to fish when the mood strikes. You can even see the sights from a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe if you’re an experienced paddler. The choice is yours! With sparkling blue water, the harbor lures folks from far and near to float around it on a delightful pontoon boat or another vessel. Why take a guided tour when you can have the freedom to come and go at your own pace? See this stunning region of the world from a unique perspective on a rented luxury boat.

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