5 Winter Reasons to Visit Mandurah

Looking for a thrilling and relaxing adventure in the Land Down Under? Mandurah is the best place to go – either you want to visit it hot or cool.

Mandurah is a coastal area located in Western Australia, near Perth. It is the second largest city in the state and has the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary waters as its bosom. The name Mandurah came from a Noongar (Australian Aboriginal Language) word which means “trading place” or “meeting place”. And because it had both summer and winter season, you can choose to enjoy its beauty whichever way you want.

After all the formal introduction about this amazing place, let’s now go straight into what actually went here for – how to experience Mandurah:

Mandurah during Winter Season

Follow the Rapids at Dwellingup White Water Rafting

Yes, you got that right – it is water rafting in the cold. But actually, winter is the best time to experience the rapids if you are absolutely sold out to adventure. Don’t worry, you will forget about the chill once you are succumbed by adrenaline rush.

Savor the Aroma of Aged Wines in Millbrook

Resting at the heart of Jarrahdale, Millbrook Winery offers its guest with the most exquisite experience in a vineyard. This topnotch winery and restaurant has captured the taste of the experts as it has also won awards, proving its worth and excellence.

Ride the Hotham Valley Steam Train

Unlike all the other trains in the world, this steam train only comes to life during the winter season. It’s like traveling through a time machine with the Hotham Valley Steam Train. This steam train is considered as one of the steepest railways in the world that sits 90 kilometers in south of Perth.

Dine at Quindanning Pub

After the historic tour via steam train, it is nice to eat a sumptuous meal at the old school Quindanning Pub inside the remarkable Quindanning Hotel, located just around the South East of Mandurah. This hotel and pub is a haven for tourists for its cozy atmosphere, good food, serenity, green landscape, and a whole lot more.

Hotel Staycation

Speaking of hotels, there are also a bunch of choices in terms of your boarding and luggage. However, with this kind of weather, you will have to consider the air conditioning Mandurah. Hotel rooms must have good heaters to help ease the crisp air outside. Moreover, you also need to take into consideration room service and food availability, as you might not be able to go out for a walk or buy a meal with that kind of weather.

This list of suggestions can still go on and on. Mandurah is definitely one of the most awesome places, with the fusion of modern and preserved places and big historical articles. Also, not to mention the splendid greens and breath-taking scenery around you when you are in Mandurah. This place is definitely one worthy of your bucket list.


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