$50 YOUR Way #Giveaway June 2021!

$50 Giveaway June

Hello Little Peanuts!! Happy June!! I feel so refreshed! I spent time with my son Zachary and his amazing little family, Amber and Olivia. We met in Park City, Utah for a 4 day fishing trip. Zac supplied everything! I didn’t spend a dime! (Did I raise this boy right or what?!?!!?)  Amber surprised me with fishing boots. SPARKLY green fishing boots to compliment her SPARKLY PINK boots!! Does this gal know me or WHAT?!?!  She also gifted me with a fleece lined fishing vest, which I was so thankful for!! UTAH has some FREEZING winds!!

Seriously, how cute are those boots?!??!?!

I have to admit during this trip, I remembered just how much I love to fish!! Growing up that is what we did. 3 generations. Multiple families. Cousins, Grandparents we all fished. (Or we hunted. Same group, just different supplies)

My trip fired me up so much I’ve already made a trip to North 40 (a sports store) and I am licensed and fitted up! I am ready to fish!!  Sparkly GREEN boots and all.

I hope your May was awesome!!

$50 Giveaway June GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

456 thoughts on “$50 YOUR Way #Giveaway June 2021!

  1. It was a fairly good day except for the back to back customer service phone calls all day long without even a 2 minute break between calls. And everyone had some kind of issue that I had never dealt with before-a day of learning experiences. lol

  2. Quiet day at home. Warmed up to 82 degrees, but I’m thankful we’re not hotter like many other folks (Sandpoint is currently 104)

  3. My day is going pretty good today. I got up super early and made my pasta salad so that is all done. Then I had to deal with computer issues but I think I got them fixed.

  4. Day is going along, still in the heat wave. I heard a big ka-boom over my head this morning, ran outside and they are lifting air conditioner looks as heavy as a car and huge onto the roof. Then removing the other one just as big. I thought it could have been a tree falling on the roof, I’m on the top floor. They have NEVER changed the air filters on the AC’s, so they die before their time, at $13K each. We are managed so terrible, but investors took over and don’t care.

  5. Not a bad day. The heat has subsided for now. Wish we could get some serious rain with thunder & lightning storm but they seem to go north or south of us.

  6. Sitting here waiting for a delivery, which means I can’t get anything done until it gets here because it takes me forever to get to the door if I’m off in another room (still have that leg issue, remember.) And of course, this is the day they choose to be running late, lol. Oh, well, I didn’t really want to finish going through boxes in the closets, anyway!

  7. Dear God, I am not made for getting up at 5.30 in the morning! However, I got to the hospital an hour ahead of schedule (lack of traffic) and there’d been a cancellation & they saw me straight away, so all was not lost!

  8. My day was going just fine until I had to deal with a rude store cashier at our local market. Trying to forget about it but it’s not the first time, or the second time, or the third time.

  9. Quiet day at home (except for the noisy mowers). Enjoying the 77 degree temps when so many (including Connie) are in the 100’s.

  10. Day has been going OK. Still in the heat wave. I just screamed some little big jumped on me from out of nowhere. The ride service took me to get some groceries today. I was working on another application for senior housing, to get on a wait list. I still need them to fix leaks so I would be able to put my condo on the market if I get a call for an opening, that I hope to be able to move next year, it will take at least that long, as I’m not on this waitlist.

  11. Today is the hottest day of the year so far and I love it! I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

  12. I swear, it’s like walking on the surface of the sun outside. HOT!! Not much going on here. Thinking about making chili for supper…is that too weird for a hot, Summer day??

    1. Not at all and the hotter the better. Sweating cools the body, just make sure you don’t dehydrate x

  13. Wow! We are almost to the end of the June Bonus Words list. I am working on getting chores done today.

  14. another month almost gone.. where are the days going? Today I have to clean downstairs and then go out and start cleaning the banana trees.. not a job i like, between marabunta, scorpions and tarantulas the job is one of being aware and cautious….

  15. Just been to my Doc. The reason for my awful belly ache last month: turns out I have gallstones. Whatever next?

    1. Oh, and it was Dad’s birthday (88th) on Sunday AND I’ve got to see a consultant tomorrow morning in Dublin re. my worsening Raynaud’s so have to leave at 7am 🙁

      1. Mercy! I hate having to get up so early because it just means I can’t go to sleep for thinking about having to get up! Well, I hope you get good news. And hopefully the gallstones clear up without surgery, but if you do need to have them removed, I’ve done it. And despite what people say, I never had issues with any foods after it.

        1. Exactly! Went to bed at a decent time & woke up countless times to check the clock 🙁 Re the gallstones: Mum had hers removed years ago & had to be really careful to go easy on cheese, cream etc. Doc says if/when I get pain again I’ll have to have it out.

  16. 72 degrees today here in Denver. 100 in Sandpoint, ID. Sorry Connie. And everyone in those torrid temps.

  17. The day is going well – have to clean out spaces and I’m finding all sorts of interesting things.

  18. My day is going slow and super hot so far. It was 110 degrees here in the Shade yesterday and we are expecting the same today. This weather is super scary!

  19. It’s my birthday and you would think it’s a great day but absolutely no one in my family has called or texted you wish me a happy birthday! At least my oldest son bought me a much needed grill and accessories for my day a few weeks ago so I’ll let him slide. My middle son acts like I’m non existent…not even a text at mothers day! My middle one will remember a few days from now. But the shocker is my own mother hasn’t said anything! Thank goodness for my husband and mother in law although our lunch plans were derailed by my favorite restaurant being closed on Mondays.

  20. Day is going along. The heat wave has started, but I’m staying in, don’t use AC, but it is ok. Spent some time online and on the phone, trying to figure out about getting a car. Wow, it is so crazy, there are almost zero cars available that are certified pre-owned that are regular cars and not electric or souped up!

  21. My doctor’s receptionist called early this morning to reschedule my appointment. My doctor is on jury duty.
    My sweet cat is on my lap.

  22. My day has gone fine so far. Checked one big item off today’s to do list already. We will have fresh corn on the cob with our dinner tonight.

  23. Have any of you ever tried painting with non-drip metallic paint? It’s like painting with caramel! Most peculiar.

  24. I feel like just relaxing today but the to-do list calls me loudly. first to begin bathing Miss Delilah, she does love her bath.

  25. Lots of thoughtful moments and prayers for everyone involved/touched by the Florida condominium collapse.

  26. Good swim with my friend. Then I stopped at the new Dunkin Donuts and spent the $10 gift card I won.
    Connie, we’re only 30 degrees cooler than you today.

  27. We’re starting into a heat wave, but I’m still getting things checked off the “to do” list for today. Good to have the windows open and let in some air!

  28. I gotta be honest, it is pure Misery here today at 116 degrees and super scary. I spent the morning watering the plants and making sure all the animals has nice cool water for the day ahead. I am in front of a fan and the air conditioner and I am still hot now just praying to the Lord we don’t lose power.

  29. We are under a heat advisory today so I will be staying inside with all air conditioners & fans on. I may even order some takeout as an early birthday present to myself .

  30. My day is going fine so far. We had a nice semi surprise this morning that was much more generous than we anticipated. I am enjoying reading cozy mystery books this summer.

  31. Yesterday was my sons graduation party. It turned out great but man wad it hot and miserable. luckily there was a pool to cool down in.

  32. I’m off to finish painting the gates and start on the roof of the well with the leftover paint. Might as well take advantage of the fact that it’s not raining!

  33. Happy Sunday! today I am taking a rest to recuperate from this weeks heavy land work. Music, my book and making a to-do list for the week!

  34. Right now it’s 40 degrees cooler here in Denver than it is in Sandpoint, ID. We’re the cold spot of the entire country today.

  35. Day is going good. It was threatening to rain all day, and I opened and closed windows so many times – right now open! I’m looking for a table runner, online, I thought this would be easy!

  36. My day is going great just got home from doing some grocery shopping and then I got a ton of Chinese take out food for dinner so yummy can’t wait to eat it tonight. It so hot here there is no way I am cooking anything it is 110 degrees today and going to be 116 degrees tomorrow.

  37. My day has been pretty good. I accidentally burnt the hot dogs on the grill so I promised my husband I would make him cheesy fries later. I love my dogs burnt but he’s just too finicky sometimes.

  38. Have to admit working yesterday cleaning the citrus grove of vines did a number on my body..sore this morning but have to get back on that horse today! until that grove is looking lovely I will not quit…

  39. Ouch! Overdid the bending a bit yesterday & my achy tendon is sore today. Popping into town later to ‘click & collect’ some groceries.

  40. Today has been miserable. My leg pain is out of control. I have slept a total of one or 2 hours in the past 3 days.

  41. Day is going good. It was dark and drizzly this morning, but the sun just came out. Just got done lots of peeling and chopping for cooking tomorrow. Taking a break.

  42. Thank goodness it is Friday. I hope we have a quiet weekend. I hope we can find some fresh Silver Queen corn on the cob to enjoy since it is in season.

  43. Up and moving. I have a long to do list today weeding at the top so coffee, breakfast and wellies on.

  44. I’m COLD!!! The summer weather’s disappeared overnight and I’m back into my fingerless gloves.

  45. Today was a busy day. I ran a lot of errands and spent time at the pool with my grandkids. I hope you had a great birthday!

  46. Hope you had a great birthday, Connie! Eat lots of cake–calories don’t count on your birthday, right???

  47. Finally winding down after a long day of shopping! Today it was three different stores for my mother in law. Then a few stops for us. I ended it with a take out from our local diner.

  48. Another nice day! My aqua medium-sized ball jars arrived and the white faux hydrangeas, so I put together arrangements for my living room windows – it came out cute!

  49. Happy, happy birthday to you! Hope it is the best one yet! We are probably going to enjoy our first cantaloupe of this season today.

  50. My day is going very hot and tired. We have been getting dry lightning here for the past two evening so very little sleep as we worry about wildfires.

  51. Cleaning out the garage is always a big job so will work on it all week while its not so hot outside.

  52. 97 degrees today. Staying inside. Took the trash out last night. Will get the can later when it cools down.

  53. I thought perhaps I’d pay a company for new blinds and to have them installed. Wow, no idea it would cost this much – a little over $4,000 for nine windows. I better get handy, and look up those youtube videos, and do the whole shebang myself. I guess it can keep you out of mischief, just hope I don’t mess up. I’ll try ordering one and see if I can do it right for size and installation first. That “to do” list just got longer – ahhh!

    1. Rosie, just a little tip: if you’re going for the pull-down roller blinds then make them a wee bit bigger than the space as they can shrink!

  54. My day has gone fine so far. We had a trip to the dentist this morning. We had shrimp for lunch. It was yummy!

  55. Well, so much for my new plant-based diet. Everyone was raving about it, claiming they lost soooo much weight so quickly. You’d think I would be old enough to know better, right? Anyway, I tried it for a month–went to the doctor yesterday. I GAINED 6 pounds!! I kid you not. Gained weight on a vegetarian diet!! Back to being a carnivore for me!

    1. Just blame your hormones (or lack of them), cut your portion size & try to move a bit more & you’ll be grand!

  56. My day is going slow today. I think I over did it yesterday and my whole body hurts today. I had a ton of energy yesterday and did way too much around the house.

  57. I started painting the wrought iron gates at the front of the house. Very fiddly but the weather was nice so I enjoyed it. Today it’s drizzly so it’s back inside for now.

  58. At some point last night one of our very large papaya trees fell.. it was something I was waiting for and hoping that it would not damage the optic lines..it did not! By the grace it fell so perfectly that it did not damage the walls of the fence or the aviary.. today I have to sort out having it cut up and out into my compost..

      1. Honestly Kate I have no idea.. we get them right off the tree and wait until they ripen… fro green to orange goes slowly though…

    1. When I was a teenager, we had huge pine trees in our yard. Didn’t know the one in the front yard was ready to fall, lol. One day I heard an odd sound out front (not loud, oddly, just odd, I couldn’t figure out what it was)–I looked out the window and couldn’t see a thing other than pine needles, lol. It had fallen PERFECTLY–didn’t hit the house, didn’t hit the Dogwood trees on the other side of the yard, came within inches of the car but just missed it. We were incredibly lucky. That tree was a good 50-60 feet tall. HUGE tree! It took days to cut it up. (Not that I helped, ha! I just watched.)

      1. I can top that! About 25 years ago, driving home from shopping, with my sister’s labrador in the car. He suddenly started barking loudly so I pulled over & just then a tree fell across the road! A man out walking couldn’t believe that I stopped in time, then I explained Tyzzie’s barking. He called a local farmer who arrived with his tractor & managed to clear the road.

  59. Today I picked up a grocery order. I’m getting ready for my sons graduation party this weekend. I also went to lunch with my daughter

  60. The last couple days have been much cooler and nights were pretty cold compared to the days before with upper 90’s and so humid. Hopefully will stay somewhat cooler.

  61. A trip to Costco like Connie did, but I only got the things on my list. Top of the list is the yummy roast chicken.

  62. My day is going crazy fast today. I did some grocery shopping, groomed the dog and I am just now taking a serious break. We are getting some nasty thunder right now and I am just praying for no lightning as conditions are super dry here.

  63. Day is going good. Raining a little here and there. It seems like we haven’t had any rain, but I looked up my area and it is normal, after being abnormally dry the first quarter.

  64. Well, so far, it’s pretty quiet. I don’t have any migraines right now, so that’s good.

  65. It is overcast today. We are supposed to have thunderstorms later. We had fresh corn on the cob and watermelon last night. They were yummy!

  66. It’s one of those very still days, not a puff of wind out there. My knickers on the clothes line are hanging despondently, feeling sorry for themselves!

  67. Must make a quick run out to the village this morning, pharmacy, feed and grain and the grocery. A tropical wave is coming so better get out and back before the rain drops come hard and fast.

  68. Happy first day of Summer! We had a cold front come through and the high was just 72. Tomorrow back up to 97.

  69. Day is going OK. I’ve been striking out on some things I’ve been trying to get handled like a plumber, or ordering things, frustrating! But I also see on our local FB group many people having a similar experience!

  70. The weather here is changing about every 5 minutes. Sun, storm, clouds, drizzle, sun – you get the idea.

  71. Lordy, it’s storming again. I guess Spring weather is holding on…even though it’s the first day of Summer, right?

  72. My day is going pretty good today just got off the phone with an old friend. Now I am just trying to stay cool we are in a heat wave here 107 degrees today.

  73. Been pretty busy lately. Going to the dentist later. It’s going to be a hot and humid day here.

  74. I’m rummaging through bookshelves and wardrobes to take stuff to the charity shops now they’ve reopened.

    1. I have such a hard time getting rid of books– which is why I have closets full of boxes of books, and shelves packed two layers deep, lol. Hey, books are like my babies. Once in a while, I go through them and donate a bunch to the Public Library. They can either keep them or sell them in their annual sale to raise funds.

      1. It’s true! I really have to force myself, but when the babies start to smell musty they really have to go!

  75. An orchard of citrus and avocado trees await to be de-vined.. why am I sitting here drinking coffee?? maybe becasue it is a time consuming tedious job.. off I go with a smile…

  76. It’s going to be another rough day. Just had another long night of pain and no sleep. Miserable.

  77. My day was going pretty good until I stumbled into the hot charcoal fire starter. Immediately iced it and put some Neosporin on it except I couldn’t cross my legs without wiping it off. Then remembered I had a bottle of lavender. Boy does that stuff work wonders! I’ll make sure I wrap it tonight with Neosporin before bed though.

  78. My day is going okay today. Just got home from doing some running around before it hits 104 degrees here today not looking forward to that at all. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  79. Happy Father’s day to all of the dads out there! Today is always bittersweet. I have four amazing kids and a wonderful daddy in their life. I just miss my daddy.

  80. Day is going good. Just got a few things done in here, and shortly heading to the basement and trash, etc. I realize I have no way to get rid of hazardous waste, since I don’t have a car, and the ride service can’t take us there on the Saturdays they have collection, as it is Mon-Fri. I really miss not having a car. Too crazy for me right now with what is going on with car shortage!!!

  81. The day is off to a good start…looking forward to the Dairy Queen ice cream cake that father-in-law requested for Father’s Day. It’s a present for all of us.

  82. Happy Sunday and to all father’s here Happy father’s Day! I plan on going through all my photo albums and remember my wonderful, honourable dad.

  83. It’s evening now but yes it was a beautiful day out in the garden and watching the birds at the feeder.

  84. Not a bad day. My uncle has been released from the hospital today – looks like he poisoned himself taking too much ibuprofen. Here’s your warning for the day – you can’t just take handfuls and handfuls of ibuprofen. You can hurt yourself taking too much.

  85. My day was good. Spent time with my son in town. Brought home Chinese for supper for early Father’s Day meal.

  86. My day is going pretty good. I am doing stuff around the house today and talking to friends. Getting ready to watch movies tonight and try to stay cool.

  87. It is a nice day out, thunderstorms are on the horizon in a couple of hours. We need the rain, but haven’t gotten much this year. My faux roses arrived and I put the arrangement together for my bathroom. It came out good, I never know with ordering online!

  88. Well we were supposed to have a family pool day..but it’s cloudy! Wahhh! I was so excited. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

  89. I’m going to dig up & store/pot some of the spring bulbs for when I have to move out. Oh, and some more painting.

  90. 6am and my wholesale fruit man came … thank goodness I am up early.. coconuts and citrus to sell…there are those who say I could do better if I sold retail but I am not a business person at all and wholesale is fine for me.. it all goes back into the land . thank you to the universe for this blessing.

  91. Weird day. The weather has gone from sunny to gray and thunderstorm-looking, to sunny again. My mood has been just as weird. I’m up and then I’m down. Geeze.

  92. Too hot and humid to be outside. Times like this I really want a pool. Trying to find something good to watch on Netflix.

  93. Quiet day at home. I did go to the grocery store yesterday to return something from my last grocery pick up. It felt very strange to walk through the store. So many choices – I was overwhelmed.

  94. Day has been going good. Another nice sunny day. I walked to town again to do more errands, and the guy at CVS said I did “really good” with my coupons, etc. Trying to finish up a few small projects, and haven’t worked up the gumption to tackle anything bigger yet.

  95. Have i ever mentioned how hard it is to be productive with 4 kiddos running around. I feel like I’ve mentioned it but maybe its just me..lol . Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

  96. My day is going pretty good today just got home from doing some shopping stocking up before the weekend. We will be hitting triple digit this weekend so everyone is stocking up to stay home and try to keep cool.

  97. Got up in the night to go to the loo & fell over the vacuum cleaner that I was too tired to put away. Nothing broken but one hell of a bruise on my hand. Told you I’m clumsy!

  98. What a great day to take a ride to the beach only 12 km away.. but beaches are closed. have to pretend!

  99. My baby is 16 months! Wahh!
    Last summer we put him in his little baby float and he floated on with us laid back in the pool. We tried to put him in the pool for the first time this year..and he cried. Screamed really. Maybe he will get used to it? I hope so!

  100. Good day here. Just finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner and about to watch some more of “The Kominsky Method” series on Netflix. Hysterical show!

  101. Another gorgeous day!! Windows wide open! Getting ready for a condo board meeting, still by zoom, yuk, but the gardening group is all upset about new rules, I’m not involved, but it will be interesting to see what happens, last meeting was a big upset about it, and they’ve been gearing up for this one. Not a peep about them blowing off getting a roof for other leaking building another year, but touch the garden and screaming!!

  102. My day is going groggy today didn’t get much sleep last night so I am just hanging in there today. Hope to catch up on my sleep tonight.

  103. Nice, sunny day. Makes me almost wish I had a reason to go outside, lol. Remember when you just went outside to play?? Maybe we should start doing that as adults, lol. It would sure freak kids out!

  104. Inspired by Connie’s garden I put down bark mulch last night before the rain. This morning the blackbirds had spread it everywhere in their never-ending quest for food!

  105. After all that rain yesterday today is a gorgeous sunny morning..I feel motivated to get out into the yard and garden and do something . Delilah will supervise.

  106. It’s 1:45 am everything is going ok so far. I should be sleeping but I’m not tired. Hopefully today is a good day.

  107. My friend picked me up and we went to our friend the lady barber and got our haircuts. Some cloud cover today so it ONLY got up to 97 instead of yesterday’s 104.

  108. Really nice day here today. Sunny and the humity has left for a couple of days.. until that tropical storm inches its way on land.

  109. Day is going ok. I walked to town today, and went to the library. It is newly open without appointments, which was nice I was able to print some things out, then stopped to pick up a few groceries. It’s sunny and cool. Nice!

  110. My day is going good today. I have gotten all my laundry done and now am taking a break. It’s getting too hot out to do anything more outside.

  111. I had an upset stomach earlier so I put myself on the BRAT diet…had 2 slices of dry wheat bread toast for lunch.

  112. Today I am in awe of my oldest son. He asked what I wanted for my birthday & I told him a grill. Yesterday he tells me to pick up an order today at Wal-Mart. Not only did he buy a grill but everything you can think of to go with it AND some pork chops & Veggies to grill too!

  113. My day is going fine so far. I need to decide what we will have for dinner. I may cut into our first watermelon of the season for a fruit dessert!

  114. I had to have blood tests this morning. Hate going into town these days. I liked the lack of traffic!

  115. All I want to do today is play! Miss Delilah agreed and so did the cats so no work just fun.

  116. Today was busy… busier than normal. Got my pool pump working, which was top of the list! Yay! Also got most of our block’s Neighborhood Association’s directories delivered. Another yay! And baked cookies on top of that. So all in all, a most productive day! Thanks for asking!

  117. Today I went to Costco and picked up a grocery order from Wal-Mart. And I did some cleaning

  118. Had to go downtown for my infusion. Very glad my car’s air conditioning works well since it was 104 degrees. Got a blackberry shake for my reward.

  119. Not a bad day. The weather is nice, not baking hot but warm. Blue skies with white, fluffy clouds. In three days, I will have been home for a year. I will be getting a new knee in a few months that just might mean I can walk without a walker again. So, I’ve got a lot to be happy about. Hope is the things with wings…

    1. Very happy for you Tammi..reading about your progress over the year with all the ups and downs and glad you are doing well.

  120. Today is our first pool day!! I finally built the nerve to get in that cold water and turned around and a big black spider was staring at me!!

  121. Day is going ok. It was supposed to be raining and thundering, but it is sunny and cooler – wow! I just ordered an electric coil range, I don’t know how old the one I have now is, but it was old when I moved here 23 years ago. They said it will be about 4-6 months before it comes in – another wow!

  122. Nothing exciting to report. My husband took our dog on a hike in our woods. They both came in the house panting. It’s another hot day.

  123. My day is going pretty well just doing some cleaning and organizing and thinking I need to plan a trip very soon.

  124. Another lovely day! I’m taking my 25-year old niece to get her first vax later today – we’re getting there, folks!!!

  125. Today before dialysis I went with my daughter to her ultrasound appointment but she was sent to the wrong location. I was hoping to find out what she is having

  126. For someone who’s always doing something, I can be extremely unproductive! I start cleaning a room and get side tracked by looking at photos…

  127. Picked up groceries at the store. Hurried home before the frozen stuff could melt in the 97 degrees.

  128. Today isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A heat wave has started here and it’s 100 degrees out. And my air conditioning is holding up 🙂

  129. I sound like I am always complaining. Some things not to do, if you have a rib cage injury:
    take deep breaths
    wear tight fitting garments (bra)

  130. My day is going pretty good now that I am home. I had a lot of running around to do today and it was so busy out there I have no idea why. The grocery store was too busy the gas station was crazy it felt like the weekend.

  131. My day has been fine so far. Happy Flag Day, everyone. It is hard to believe we are almost half way into June already!

  132. My day is going pretty good but it’s still early. Spent last night watching a good lightning show. I swear we are in a bubble that gets hardly anything. A small gust of wind & not even a drenching downpour. Then it got humid again. Let’s see what tonight’s storms bring.

  133. The old knee’s better so I managed to do some re-potting and washed the front porch & windows yesterday.

  134. Sitting here trying to get motivated to get to work but the coffee is so good and this chair is so comfy and the cats are telling me to stay….

  135. Good swim with my friend. Then a fun Zoom meeting with my chorus to hear another member’s life story.

  136. My day is going pretty good today. I am having a nice quiet Sunday and enjoying this weather before it heats up here in a few days.

  137. In a fairly good mood, lol. That’s a rare thing these days. I seem to have to work for a good mood, I rarely just wake up this way…hey, I’ll take it.

  138. So glad that it is a sunny breezy Sunday.. I can relax in the gallery and watch the birds fly by with the cats at full attention….

  139. Up early today because of night sweats – seriously this ageing malarkey is not for wimps!

    1. I never did the night sweat thing, but I was moody as hell, lol. But, with me, I’m not sure anyone could tell the difference, lol. I’m a moody person…

  140. We spent the day at home. My son hasn’t been feeling well. I hope he gets some good rest and will feel better tomorrow.

  141. We celebrated my first born sons 9th birthday today!! My daughter will be 13 in September!! My 6 year old lost ANOTHER tooth last night and my baby is growing like a weed!

  142. I looked out our French door and there were 2 big pigs in our backyard. I don’t know who around here owns pigs. Just glad my dog didn’t see them…he’d bark continuously.

  143. It was dark and drizzly until about 20 minutes ago, now it is nice. I’m taking a break from working on cleaning the storage bin, the maintenance main was doing something down there that covered the entire place with a thick film of sediment.

  144. I keep forgetting that it is Saturday. This last week just flew by for me and I am still trying to catch up.

  145. Phew, it’s actually warm today. I’ve got a ‘young man’ coming round later (I should be so lucky!!!) to cut the grass. Takes about 2 hours on the ride-on mower and my sister can’t do anything for a couple of weeks after her surgery.

  146. Two men working right now weed wacking and clearing bush…at half 6am glad that this is a very early waking neighbourhood!

  147. It has rained all day…but next week is supposed to be dry…and hot. Well, it is Summer, so I better get used to it, lol.

  148. We had a friend from a FaceBook cooking group send us a cooler of handmade sausages so looking forward to doing some grilling. Provided the weather cooperates.

  149. It was a nice day today, both sunny and breezy. I was able to do a few things around here without sweltering.

  150. It’s the weekend and we can finally get together in groups of 5 outside so I’m excited to see some friends!

  151. My day is going pretty good. Just received a package in the mail though that was all broken and leaking. It was orange essential oil so I am a little miffed about that looks the the bottle is defective and it leaked all over.

  152. Thank goodness my knee’s a bit better! Now comes the hard part: overcoming the desire to do a massive catch-up and just do a little bit of decorating!

  153. Eclipses are something else.. the one yesterday on the Gemini/Sag axis… my daughter asked me pointed questions that I would have dodged or answered in a roundabout way not yesterday! truth truth truth…she apparently loved the answers…

  154. I was hoping to sleep in today but I had to take my grandson to school and pick him up. I didn’t find anytime for a nap so I’m tired

  155. It has been a sunny, breezy day, the heat wave is over – yea! Just doing some things around here, nothing special, but busy, busy.

  156. My day is going pretty well today. I am just staying home today and doing things online and around the house. The weather is super nice today and around 0 degrees.

  157. Just another hot and muggy day here, Have a huge tree limb we need to clean up out of the yard from all the storms but that will be this weekend.

  158. There was a partial lunar eclipse this morning so of course Irish skies were grey. Ah well, I’ll see it online somewhere.

  159. The man cutting my bush wants to purchase some of my old ( 10 years) farm equipment…see what kind of offer I am being made today.. to tell the truth I would rather have work done and barter than anything else….

  160. I had dialysis today. Then I picked my grandson up from school and later picked my daughter up from the airport

  161. Day is going along. It is still very hot, but we didn’t get the storms, so it is still light enough to do some chores today that it helps to have the sun. Ohhh I just heard thunder ….whaaa? Maybe we will still get the storm, even though it was supposed to be way earlier!

  162. My day is going super good today. I have cleaned the whole house and am now taking a break. I love days like today when I am full of energy and get a ton done and it’s only 12:30 p.m.

  163. I’m booooored! I’ve very little patience when my body needs rest but it’s what I have to do till my knee gets better. Aghhhhhhhhhhh!

  164. It’s still early but my day is going pretty good. Looking at another hot & muggy day so I made sure all the fans and air conditioners are on to keep apartment bearable.

  165. Connie please forgive me if I make spelling or other errors on commenting either on instagram or here…Have to have new glasses made but don’t want to get involved with that right now!! I have decided to create another flower patch so with shovel in hand out I go….

  166. Up early this morning to go have fasting labs done. Not much planned for the rest of the day though.

  167. I have a headache. My husband recorded our dog on video. He takes the dog to a “dog whisperer” in Nashville next month.

  168. Day has been going good. It was a day of intense rain and thunderstorms, but I managed to walk to town early and get a couple of errands done, then came home and battened down the hatches. It has been almost 95, so maybe it will be cooler tomorrow.

  169. Today is a rainy, sleepy, take a nap kinda day! I hope everyone is well and has a wonderful day!

  170. My day is going pretty good just got home from the store now all set for dinner tonight. It looks like we may get some rain today I have my fingers crossed.

  171. My day has gone fine so far. It is supposed to be rainy with thunder later today. I’m reading some good mystery books.

  172. Awaiting my heavy duty lawnman to come and cut down high bush in one of the orchards..it is so bad there from all the rain that you cannot even get to the citrus trees….that will be this morning aiding him! Better get his coffee ready…

  173. I’ve hurt my knee. The one I dislocated. Don’t know what I did to it but it’s really playing up and gave way as I was walking down the back steps. Strapped it up & now just hoping it’s not serious.

    1. Whoa! I know that pain! Be careful. You don’t want to do anything to make it worse, so sit down and tke it easy!

  174. Today was a day of dialysis. I stayed up too late watching tv last night So im super tired

  175. One of my babies turned 9 years old yesterday!! Why?!?!?! Why do our babies have to grow up so fast? Now my oldest will be 13 in September!! No! I will not allow it lol.

  176. It’s a kind of gray day, overcast, looks like rain…but hot and muggy, so none of the cooling down you sometimes get with rain in warm weather. A sure sign Summer is here…mugginesss, humidity.

  177. My day is going pretty good sure got a lot done today and it’s only Noon. I did a lot clean up work outside and now I so need to jump in the shower.

  178. Day is going good. Red Cross was just here for their smoke alarm program, and they also went over pointers and what to do for hurricanes, since the season for them has started. I’m making pickled carrots, first time trying it.

  179. Up and out this lovely sunny morning.. lots of transplants and dead heading flowers.. last but not least picking blue Lake string beans to go with lunch…

    1. I remember breaking beans with my Granny when I was a kid and watching her can them. There’s nothing like her homemade green beans. She would make them if she decided she needed to lose weight because veggies are healthy and low-cal right??? Except she never lost a pound because she cooked them with a big ol’ piece of fatback in them, lolol.

      1. That’s like Mum using low fat spread. She hated the taste so used twice as much to get the right fat to toast ratio!

  180. Today has gone fine for me. We had a bit of rain today. It was in the high 80’s and the rain cooled things off a bit.

  181. Had a good swim, but it was lonely. My friend couldn’t make it today. It’s when we usually catch up on our lives and laugh.

  182. Day is going good. Made my chili this morning, and it came out good! Taking it easy for a change, got outside for a bit, nice breeze and sunny!

  183. It has been a day of rest for me today. The weather is cooling down and I love it we may even get some much needed rain in the next couple of days.

  184. Today is my day of R&R. I will be spending the majority of it on the couch in front of the air conditioner !

  185. It’s been a nice Sunday morning, watched a sermon with my daughter & had a nice breakfast together.

  186. The weather has shifted and it is a gorgeous sunny blue sky morning….but it is Sunday and even though I have had 3 days of relaxing I am going to relax again!! LOL…I am reading another great book and the divan in the gallery awaits me after I put the chicken in to roast…

  187. Ah, it’s been a slightly blah day. Just one of those days when you feel unsettled, you know. Like, you ought to be doing something…but what, lol???

  188. Day has been going good. It went from being in the 40s with no heat on right into being in the 90s, extra cold to extra hot. I don’t mind it, I’m getting things done and the windows are open. Putting together the fixings for making chili tomorrow.

  189. My day is going great even though it’s super hot out! Got to see my grandson play Tball & Chase after my grand daughter! Then had some amazing chicken bbq . Now home soaking in the A.C!

  190. Well, I was right. The traffic last night was horrendous. That was until we approached an overhead bridge. A Dad & 2 children were standing there waving at the cars below. It was really funny and all the drivers started tooting their horns & waving back 🙂 Just a lovely little moment!

    1. In the town I grew up in, there was a guy who sat on his porch in town every day and waved at EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. Lol. Everyone always waved back! It just made you smile, right?

      1. People in rural areas here do the same thing.. sit on the porch and wave to all cars that go by.. love it…

  191. I’m watching “The ‘Crude’ Art Of Pleasure: Life In The Rococo Age” on YouTube. Highly recommended!

  192. Another day of tropical rain.. dies it go sideways?? think it does….wind driven rain is a pain I cannot even work on the patio downstairs or the garage area… well guess I will have to take another day off…

  193. it’s going well. we’re under a thunderstorm watch and I had errands to do. I just made it into the house before the rain hit. thanks

  194. Day has been going good. Caught up with a relative I haven’t touched base with in a long time, and did more around the house. I had gotten some things from Container Store and I’m amazed at how high quality they are. Lots of laundry. They keep threatening severe thunderstorms, and I opened and closed my windows so many times today thinking it was on the verge coming down hard!

  195. Really hot and humid here today so I have stayed indoors as much as possible. Other than that pretty good!

  196. My biggest excitement today was going and getting blood drawn for my every 3 month tests. This is to check that my meds are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  197. My day has been quite a ride, took my daughter to get her 1st Vivid vaccine, took my car back to the mechanic and had plumbing problems. What a day!!

  198. Nothing new going on here. Oh except it is my Birthday month! Another year older. Can I just skip it!

  199. My day is going fine so far. I need to return some books to the library. If you have children in your family, be sure to check out your public library’s free summer reading program – pun intended. Our public library even has a summer reading program for adults!

  200. Here we are at June..well we are in a severe weather alert and it is pouring!! will try to make the best of today as far as my garden goes…no watering though!

  201. My sister’s coming out of hospital today after another op. so I’m just waiting for the call to go & get her. It’s a holiday weekend in Ireland so we’ll be stuck in traffic – not looking forward to it 🙁

  202. I took my daughter to the airport early this morning and then my grandson to school. Then I relaxed

  203. Today has been a crazy weather day. First it got really dark and rumbly, really thought it was going to storm–then it got bright and sunny. Now it’s dark and thundery again. Make up your mind, weather!

  204. That’s great about the fishing, my older brother used to bring me along, and got me a Zebco reel, but I never caught anything. When I was a little older, I started fishing again, and have only caught large mouth bass. My cousin, she is really good at catching trout, very tricky.

    I’m glad you were able to have a nice vacation, and not have to deal with CA traffic to get together!

  205. My day was pretty good. I did a lot of stuff around the house and a lot of watering as it is already hot here.

  206. Very good swim today. A friend I swam with for 10 years but hadn’t seen in a couple of years came to the pool today. My regular swim friend had invited him and he came to the pool!

  207. I’m getting all of the baby loving right now. Being a mom is the best job in the whole wide world even if it is exhausting lol!

  208. My day is going good. Was able to take my car to my step son so he could charge up the a.c. Hoping rain holds off this evening so I can go see my grandson play Tball.

  209. I just couldn’t get to sleep last night so gave up. Instead I did a load of laundry, vacuumed the house and painted a ceiling.

  210. I feel a little bit worse than yesterday. Still recovering from a rib cage inflammation. The doctor said I have a stomach ulcer. I really miss ice cream. I’s been a week, today. The weather is nice but I don’t feel like enjoying it.

  211. Today was doctor day. Those are never fun!! I would much rather do it via Telehealth! I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

  212. today is going very well – got a lot accomplished in a short period of time so there’s time to have some ‘me-time’. thanks

  213. My day is going pretty good I am in from the heat and trying to cool off. We are the triple digits here and everyone is miserable. It seems like the older I get the more I do not like hot weather. I so love spring and it sure went by too fast this year.

  214. It’s raining today here in Arkansas, so I will be spending the day inside. Have plans to make oatmeal cookies with pecans and raisins for my husband. Maybe I’ll add some chocolate chips and coconut to a few as well.

  215. I am enjoying the last cool -ish day before heat & humidity arrive. Going to put the last window AC in and then I’m ready!

  216. I have been better my back is not doing well my wife and I clean houses for a living and it’s taken a toll

  217. First day back to work after a 3 day weekend is always rough. I’m just thankful I have a job to go to, so my day is going well.

  218. Been a busy day, took the car to the mechanic, went grocery shopping & ran some errands.

  219. Happy June! Now I want to go fishing with you Connie, especially if I get boots like yours. I grew up fishing all the time.

  220. Busy morning doing the usual first of the month errands. Now just relaxing and enjoying a cool breeze on the deck.

  221. My day is going pretty good today. It’s hard to believe it is June 1st already. It is going to be 107 degrees here and that is so not ok way toooo hot for me and all the animals.

  222. Summer is here at last! Half of Ireland is loving it, the rest are complaining of the heat!

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