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I can’t be the only one that looks at a certain wall and think “It needs something; but I can’t seem to find IT” Well, I have one. Or I should say HAD one. To the rescue came PHOTOWALL, trust me when I say they have the IT you’ve been searching for!!

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Previously, I had ordered a stunning Elk in The Forest canvas. It’s still one of my all time favorite piece of art.


This time around I ALMOST (like so very close ALMOST) ordered the sister canvas for this Wolf In The Forest Canvas (or one similar. Maybe the deer?)  The choices on PHOTOWALL are amazing. From black and white photos, posters and even wall murals! Framed prints too. I swear I spent days scrolling through pages.

wolf in forest

However, I have that ‘one spot’ that needed something. I wanted a canvas that included snow and trees to go with my other canvas pieces. After looking around PHOTOWALL, I saw the option to create my OWN!!  YEE HAW!!!  Decision made, I will use a photograph of trees slightly covered in snow that I had taken myself.  WELLLLLL, y’all know how much I love my canvas prints taken right here on top of our little mountain. Doesn’t this picture scream (wait, that’s the wrong adjective!!) project tranquility and calm? Not to mention that it is sooooooo pretty!

Our main floor room is an odd shaped room, with 10 foot ceiling. There is a huge beam that runs across the ceiling one end to the other. Then there is the support beam that holds the second floor up. Not to mention the room has 6 windows and 2 French doors. Since the opposite side of the room is where that huge beam is attached, I felt like a canvas piece would balance the other side of the room. (Okay, fine I just love a huge grouping of pictures. I also love adding sculpture pieces that I pick up at antique or junk stores) I love creating a space that is as unique as I am.

One of the most exciting aspects is that I was able to specify the EXACT measurement that I wanted for my canvas.

YOU specify the size thanks to a handy little slide bar.

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Shipping was wicked fast! Seriously, less than a week!

Packaging was excellent. The canvas comes unmounted. But with the easiest mounting I’ve ever used. EVEN with my arthritis I found this easy to assemble. Instructions that arrive with the canvas are super easy to follow. The wood is predrilled, super strong 3M tape and large knobs to attach the metal L pieces. You can NOT mess this up!!

One tip I will say is, once you lay the wood down on the canvas don’t press down until you are certain that you have all the ends matched together.

If you are more of a visual learner? There is a video. (OF COURSE there is a video!!)

I am so pleased with my canvas. The quality is amazing! The selection is AWESOME!!!!!

Now to go order my tall skinny canvas to go on the right of my new one. (I ALWAYS have a canvas in mind when there is a blank spot! ALWAYS!!)

I am so excited to share with all the little Peanuts a coupon code from PHOTOWALL for 25% OFF your purchase!!! Use connie25

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COUPON CODE!! PBnWhine25 for 25% OFF!!




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