I’m At Home So I’m Gonna Decorate! #PhotoWALL #CouponCode

What do you do when your stuck at home? I thought I would clean. NOPE. Read? Nope. Decorate? YES!! I finally after 2 years have finished my gallery wall in the livingroom.

I know that gallery walls aren’t for everyone, but much like my favorite symbol the !!!! I love a huge grouping of pictures.

One if my favorite wall displays is in the livingroom.  A picture of Alice top center surrounded by pictures I’ve taken from Yosemite to my own yard! Pictures from the trail cam, camera or even my phone.

I had one spot that still needed something.  I did have a framed watercolor picture in the spot but it just didn’t fit with the picture in my mind. I wanted soft muted color, but one that ‘fit’ the theme of the wall.

I found a Watercolor Elk in the Forest picture on a site called PHOTOWALL I knew it would be perfect and I was so right!

First, and one of the most exciting aspects is that I was able to specify the EXACT measurement that I wanted.

The spot was 15.45″by 15.45″, weird size right? But I wanted it to center in the spot I had chosen. To be able to specify that specific size just made me giddy.

The choices on PHOTOWALL are amazing. From black and white photos, posters and even wall murals! Framed prints too. I swear I spent days scrolling through pages.

Ordering was super easy. When you bring up the item you like the site gives you the choices that print comes in, framed print or canvas.

YOU specify the size thanks to a handy little slide bar.

Shipping was wicked fast! Seriously, less than a week!

Packaging was excellent. The canvas comes unmounted. But with the easiest mounting I’ve ever used.

Y’all know how much I love my DIY projects and PHOTOWALL makes it super easy!

Instructions that arrive with the canvas are super easy to follow.

The wood frame has 3M tape on one side. Pre-drilled holes and screws with KNOBS fit perfectly and allow easy tightening.

Metal brackets hold the frame to the canvas tight and taunt.

This is the COOLEST canvas!!


I am so excited to share with all the little Peanuts a coupon code from PHOTOWALL for 25% OFF your purchase!!! Use connie25

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