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April 5th, Sunday Prayer Requests – Post Here For Your Weekly Dose Of Support

I was so out of sorts last week that I totally forgot to write a prayer request. This sheltering in place is such a weird time in our lives, I believe I can safely say we are all in a weird place!

What better time to have a weekly prayer request?

My friend Sonya at Sonya’s Happenings and I would love to welcome you to our Sunday Prayer Requests. I almost hate to call these a prayer request because it doesn’t have to be a prayer just send good thoughts, virtual hugs, warm thoughts, words of encouragement or prayers. This is just another good way for us to connect in this time where we have to stay at home.


I feel like this week needs a lot of prayers. This COVID-19 virus has gone way past scary. I think we need to send our prayers and good thoughts out to those that are sick. SO MANY prayers need to be sent out to the universe for the people that work in the medical profession and even stores! I am so thankful that I am able to shelter in place.


So, if you are new here; Sunday Prayer List is a way for us to help each other. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on. Prayer List is a place we can listen, offer sympathy, encouragement or send prayers, good thoughts and show some love to those in need. The weekly posts aren’t really a religious posts. It’s sending good thoughts, healing thoughts and prayers to those that could use some help. You don’t have to be a religious person to send good thoughts into the universe for your fellow Peanuts as well as the requests from Sonya’s site too.

Feel free to leave a prayer request or a prayer if you want. SonyaSonya and I want you to know you are important to us.

Happy Sunday. Stay well, stay healthy. WASH YOUR HANDS!!


  • Tamra Phelps

    I could use some good vibes or prayers. I just found out I have yet another infection, which I’m now taking another antibiotic for…and I’m trying to stay as healthy as possible just in case COVID-19 hits, but man, these things just keep coming at me.

  • Maureen

    I am thinking of my brother who is in the hospital with the virus. He is in another country.
    I am praying for my mother who has severe health issues and is in her own home with another brother. I am thinking of another brother who is in yet another country and he is on furlough. I am thinking of my other siblings and their families.
    I am fortunate to have my husband. He is working from home.
    I am praying for good health for my husband and myself and my other family members and friends and all.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I would like to encourage everyone today as we have this day and many days ahead to reflect on the things in our life. Take this time to reconnect with old friends, family and neighbors. We still have a phone, a computer, or even write a letter. I have reconnected with my brothers. My one brother and I don’t see eye to eye but I still love him. I was able to do that just this last week and it felt good to tell him I love him! Try it you won’t be sorry, Life is way too short to let things go.

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