Trail Cam Friday

Moved the camera and STILL have boring photo’s. Except of course when The Husband and I were walking Bear and realized we were in front of the camera. TRUE wild life RIGHT?!?!?

Remember the to-do list I was so proud of???  Wanna guess how many things I have crossed off so far?

Zip, zero, NADDA!!! So badly I wish that I wrote ‘print list’ cause I did do that and I could have crossed it off. Oh well.

Hope you are all well. Stay inside and go wash your hands.


4 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday

  1. I have quite a few “to do” lists. What helps is I make one list for the day from all the lists I have in a pile on my dresser, and the “today” list often has only two or three things on it. I get a real thrill crossing off “take out trash.” But it is one way to actually get things done I like to put off, the “today” list aren’t the only things to get done that day, but the ones that are priority. It has been working pretty good.

    1. Rosie, smaller to do lists is a brilliant idea! I am going to try that one. Today’s main was to sit at my computer. Gesh, I have got to get me some of that ‘get up and go’ in my veins.

  2. To be honest I think quite a few of us could get in line with you on the undone lists. I still have 13 walnut trees of walnuts all over my three acres to rake. The husband doesn’t want to rent the lawn sweeper at $80 a day. So he thinks we can rake it! I laughed! We went out and I raked for about an hour and had to come in. Oh I still love seeing the deer. They are not boring! How many deer did you see at your last place every morning?

  3. Lol, hang in there, Connie! One day, you’ll be going through those photos and…BOOM..there it is, Bigfoot!! Or maybe a bear or moose. But, Bigfoot would be great.

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