Finally, Trail Cam Friday AGAIN!!

It’s been a long time since I have posted my Trail Cam Friday. But, 2 of the cameras have fresh batteries and are ready to go.
Looks like this year we’ve got lots of boys!!

Spring I’m hoping they drop those sheds so I CAN find them. I’m calling dibs. RIGHT NOW.

Set Up A Trail Cam EVERYWHERE!


Aren’t these boys pretty?!?!

When To Hunt For Sheds?

Bucks shed their antlers annually in late winter, usually from January through March, but the exact timing can vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Photoperiod

    As days get longer after the winter solstice, testosterone levels decrease, which causes the connection tissue in the antlers to weaken and fall off
  • Rutting season

    During mating season, high testosterone levels cause the velvet covering the antlers to die off, which bucks can remove by rubbing against trees
  • Age and health

    Mature bucks in good condition usually shed their antlers by the end of February, while younger bucks may take longer

Have a great weekend Little Peanuts.


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