Finally, Trail Cam Friday AGAIN!!

It’s been a long time since I have posted my Trail Cam Friday. But, 2 of the cameras have fresh batteries and ready to go.
Looks like this year we’ve got lots of boys!!

Spring I’m hoping they drop those sheds so I CAN find them. I’m calling dibs. RIGHT NOW.



Aren’t these boys pretty?!?!


Have a great weekend Little Peanuts.

20 thoughts on “Finally, Trail Cam Friday AGAIN!!

  1. PRICKETS! Young males with small antlers are called prickets. They only become stags when they have the full adult antler formation. You’re welcome!

  2. We have an outdoor camera on the back of the house. We catch the occasional deer but mainly raccoons and opossums; never a bear in Indiana! ,

  3. I love these trail cams, they are such a treat! I’m amazed that all these males would congregate together like this. I alway thought it was only one male to a “harem,” and if a male came around, it would be a challenge. Wow!

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