Deer in Sandpoint Idaho

Come See My Deer & Bucks Via The Gosira Trail Camera Review

THANK YOU to all my little Peanuts that signed up on Facebook to see Gosira Trail Camera posts. I did it!!! I had enough sign-ups that Gosira sent me a trail cam to review!!! HOT DIGGITY!!!

Y’all know how much I love my new four-legged neighbors!! So, I spliced together a few of the video’s that I’ve captured so far with the Gosira Trail Cam. They go from middle of the night to middle of the day. These clips show you how great the night vision is and how much the camera picks up motion. There are a couple of spots that you have to look really hard to see a doe in the bushes. (Hint; look to the left of the screen)

Night is when the bucks come out in full force. They (with good reason!!) hide during the day.

This is a 12mp HD trail cam. It’s motion activated with 1080P. The  0.5s, 940nm trigger works great for me, it doesn’t go off each time a leaf moves, but my animals trigger it to start recording. I love that!!!

I am so pleased that there is no flash at night!! None of my little friends are disturbed on their nightly walks.  I’m also very impressed that the camera is waterproof. This means that I can leave it out year around. The 90° sensor detection means that my camera starts taping before the animal comes into full view. PERFECT!!

I still haven’t gotten a picture of my moose. But, I WILL! You just watch me!

The bears seem to have gone into hibernation because they haven’t been around in quite a while. Days have been in the low 50’s but at night it’s project to be in the mid 20’s. AS IN 23° I am not looking forward to winter temps! Nope. Nope!

This trail cam does require 8 AA batteries, not included. I am not sure yet how long the battery life is. I’m certain it won’t be long because of the traffic the side of my house sees! I have the camera set for videos and pictures. I can extend the life of the batteries by simply snapping photos, but it’s really fun to watch the fawns come right up to the camera lens!!

Set up is super easy, simply follow the on screen prompts. I had this trail cam up and running within minutes of taking it out of the box. (Thank HEAVENS for Costco size packs of batteries!!)

When you are setting up the camera simply push the menu button, use the arrows to scroll through the menu options then OK when you have made the change you want. Super easy!! (there is a manual included with easy to follow steps)

The case securely shuts with two latches.

The camera requires an SD card. Not included and no more than 32gb.

The back of the camera is concave so it will easily fit around a tree.

Since I hurt my foot, I didn’t hike down to a tree I just attached to a rock. The camera held tight and I did get some pretty funny pictures from the animals, wondering what the heck was on the ground. I think I will leave it there for awhile. Until I find another perfect spot.

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Ummmm maybe you should go back up and see the video again!?! No whines here!!! Now, if I could just get the MOOSE to come back! I need a moose canvas to go on my wildlife wall!!!



  • Rosie

    This is the first time I’m finding out about your adventure with this. It is very cool! I can’t wait to see more. I’m surprised at how many turkeys there are, too.

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